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Educational Sessions at the 2015 NAPCP Annual Conference

Session Descriptions



General Sessions

Purchasing Cards in 2015: New Frontiers, New Strategies
Presented by Professors Richard Palmer and Mahendra Gupta, RPMG Research Corporation
Brought to you by NAPCP Silver Partner Sponsor PNC

​General Session Sponsor 

​Richard Palmer, left, and Mahendra Gupta

The NAPCP welcomes respected industry researchers Professors Richard Palmer and Mahendra Gupta, who will summarize the key events that have marked the progress of purchasing cards over the past 25 years, examine substantial current opportunities for program expansion, and suggest strategies to promote program expansion.

They recently released the findings from the 2014 Purchasing Card Benchmark Survey of P-Card use in North America. This is the eighth edition of the P-Card series, and is based on data and analysis from over 3,000 P-Card users across North American, representing public and private corporations, government, universities and colleges, school districts, and not-for-profit organizations. Palmer and Gupta will conclude with a look “over the horizon” at card-enabled purchasing of the future.

RPMG Research Corporation has provided P-Card and Corporate Card survey data to the NAPCP since 2001.


Seven Humor Habits for Workplace Wellness
Presented by Paul Huschilt
Brought to you by NAPCP Gold Partner Sponsor American Express
​General Session Sponsor

Paul Huschilt

Be prepared to laugh and learn techniques to use at work to stay calm when things get harried. It’s a seriously funny way to learn winning strategies to thrive in the most challenging times. This session is great for relieving stress, building positive energy and valuing your well-being.

Paul uses comedy and imagination to demonstrate comprehensive tactics that can be applied in any workplace environment. Participants will learn insightful strategies to focus on their business goals, stay balanced in a sometimes unbalanced world and to adapt to changes within the organization.

You’ll laugh and enjoy an eclectic mix of comedy, song and engaging activities through a high-energy presentation that reinforces your organization’s core values, while promoting personal and professional growth.


Breakout Sessions

Big Brother is Watching You: Monitoring Your Program Using Excel Data Analysis
Presented by: Maggie Clarke, CPCP, CPP, Process Improvement Audit Supervisor, State of Georgia – Department of Administrative Services

State of Georgia
Number of cards: 5,000 ($120 million in spend)
Annual # of transactions: coming soon
Card program type(s) managed by the speaker: Corporate Card
Global presence: U.S., Canada, Germany, UK, Switzerland

Can I verify that transactions comply with policy without auditing every transaction? How do I know if cardholders really need their cards? Are cardholder spending limits set appropriately? This session will show participants how to:

  • isolate potential policy violations without looking at every transaction
  • use simple Excel spreadsheets to analyze card usage and spending limits
  • identify additional opportunities to use the P-Card through purchase order spend analysis.

(NOTE: The session will include a demonstration of Excel templates developed for auditing. The demonstration will assume that attendees have knowledge of certain Excel features, specifically copying and pasting and using filters. This session is not a computer lab with attendees sitting at computers. Rather, the attendees will learn Excel techniques that can be applied to the way they manage their program. Spreadsheets and complete instructions are available on the presenter’s agency website.)

Changing Your Travel Card Program Mid-Flight—How to Transition Without Turbulence
Presented by: Jennifer Harris, Senior Project Manager, Bright Horizons Family Solutions LLC

Bright Horizons Family Solutions LLC
Number of cards: 2,000
Annual # of transactions: 200,000
Card program type(s) managed by the speaker: P-Card, Travel Card, ePayables
Global presence: United States and Canada

Change within an organization is rarely easy, especially for employees who are on the go. But change is often needed to maximize the benefits of your card program. In this session, we’ll outline the steps to evaluate available card products, select the appropriate one, and implement it in your organization with minimum disruption to busy travelers.

Attendees will leave with the knowledge to:

  • select an appropriate travel card product for your organization
  • gain buy-in for all changes from busy travelers
  • improve cardholder satisfaction and program compliance
  • maximize your program benefits 


Eliminate the Paper—Incorporating Receipt Imaging into Your Program
Presented by: Higor Trindade, Purchasing Card Administrator, Bright Horizons Family Solutions LLC

Bright Horizons Family Solutions LLCxx
Number of cards: 2,000
Annual # of transactions: 200,000
Card program type(s) managed by the speaker: P-Card, Travel Card, ePayables
Global presence: United States and Canada

Are you buried by piles of receipts? Do receipt audits strike fear in your heart? Receipt imaging is the answer! In this session we’ll share how to successfully implement receipt imaging into your card program.
Attendees will leave with the knowledge to:

  • build a business case for receipt imaging
  • select an appropriate imaging platform
  • improve audit processes and receipt compliance
  • improve cardholder satisfaction and streamline receipt management


Keeping Your Friends Close: Simple but Effective Provider Management Techniques
Presented by: Chad Goldsberry, Senior Procurement Manager, Tyson Foods, Inc.

Tyson Foods, Inc.

Number of cards: 1,300
Annual # of transactions: 160,000
Card program type(s) managed by the speaker: P-Card, Travel Card, ePayables
Global presence: United States only

Your relationship with your card provider is just as critical as your relationship with your card holders, but how well do the two of you really know each other? Creating an environment of mutual knowledge-sharing and accountability will ensure that you are always top-of-mind to your provider and that you get the best of what they have to offer. In this session, you can expect to:

  • explore the common types of relationship discussions
  • learn the ins-and-outs of a Business Review
  • become aware of key metrics and how to track them
  • get comfortable managing issue escalation


Personal Professional Development in a P-Card World – Key to Your Program’s Success!
Presented by: JoAleen L Ainslie, CPCP, P-Card Program Manager, Xponential Program Administrator, Procurement & Payables Division, City of Tacoma, Washington State

City of Tacoma, Washington
Number of cards: 850
Annual # of transactions: 37,629
Card program type(s) managed by the speaker:
P-Card used as a One Card
Global presence: United States only

Everyone always talks about program visions, mission statements, goals, benchmarking and strategies to make it successful. That is all well and good, but what about one, and most likely the most important ingredient that never gets talked about?
I am talking about YOU—and your own personal professional development.

This session will give participants:

  • an understanding of how pursuing personal professional development will contribute greatly to both personal continued success in this (or any other industry), but also to specific program success
  • inspirations for exploring a significant, different way of thinking as it pertains to acquiring attributes and/or enhancing oneself
  • ideas for developing a personal blueprint of pursuits to assist in achieving personal and professional goals:
    • establishing yourself as a leader
    • continuing as a life-long learner
    • presenting yourself in a professional manner


Reducing the Growing Pains of Going Paperless
Presented by: Dayana Reyes-Zanaska and Micky Gutzmann, Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council
Number of cards: 260
Annual # of transactions: approx. 27,000
Card program type(s) managed by the speaker:
Global presence: United States only

Going paperless is a difficult, but necessary task. This session will cover the various stages of preparation required to make a successful transition to a paperless P-Card reconciliation process. From P-Card applications to usage documentation—the internal and external requirements were followed allowing the Metropolitan Council to achieve their goal.

Considerations should include:

  • discussing the importance of networking with other organizations and internal stakeholders to research different options and determine which works best for your needs; we will discuss which questions to ask and how to determine who to contact
  • evaluating your own program and determining the sample group that will be selected to test the new program
  • identifying the current needs and skill level of each individual cardholder; this will help determine the training needs and help develop materials/equipment needed
  • preparing the materials and format which is extremely important to the training process
  • execution and final analysis which is crucial to adjusting the process for future cardholders

Streamlining P-Card Processes to Improve and Expand the P-Card Program
Presented by: Cindy Bramon, Purchasing Supervisor, Denver Water Board
Denver Water Board
Number of cards: 400 P-Cards / 30 Ghost Cards
Annual # of transactions: 20,000
Card program type(s) managed by the speaker:

P-Cards, Ghost Cards
Global presence: United States only

Denver Water’s Commercial Card program had reached a stagnant state and upper management was no longer on board. In 2013 a disaster recovery event got their attention. With the driving force of one large department, the respect was once again gained for their Commercial Card program. The program managers rode that wave and reached success by re-evaluating all aspects of their program that included:

  • assessing the spending limits and raising thresholds
  • increasing the number of cards issued
  • promoting the program with the use of cost analysis data
  • creating standard instructional procedures
  • minimizing confusion by creating an internal site for all guidelines

Teamwork: Working Together to Develop a Payment Strategy to Gain Efficiencies 
Presented by: Saundra English, CPCP, Card Systems Manager, West Chester University of Pennsylvania
West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Number of cards: 871
Annual # of transactions: 25,000
Card program type(s) managed by the speaker:
P-Card, Travel Card, ePayables
Global presence: United States only

This presentation will provide insights into why it is so important for both the procurement and accounts payable areas to work together to develop a payment strategy. We will explore the use of cards, ACH, and even checks to gain efficiencies in an overall business plan.

Takeaways include:

  • “food for thought”—what to think about when developing a strategy
  • “re-tooling”—how to re-think current payment options and why
  • “tapping resources”—how to open new segments, add new vendors and renew business relationships


Top 10 Auditing Tips for Travel Expense Reports 
Presented by: Toni Waters, CPCP, Corporate Credit Card & Expense Reporting Manager, FIS
Number of cards: 6,800
Annual # of transactions: 100,000-499,999
Card program type(s) managed by the speaker:
Travel Card
Global presence: United States and Canada

Are you doing everything you can to identify potential fraud in your travel expense reports? Toni will share the 10 helpful tips she uses to detect fraud and will share highlights of some of her findings. And, she will encourage you to dig deeper into areas of:

  • adequacy of management oversight
  • meeting receipt requirements
  • allowable cash activity
  • researching weekend spend


Writing an Interesting and Effective Newsletter to Improve Your P-Card Program
Presented by: Cecilia McClay, CPCP, Manager of the University P-Card Program, Boston College

Boston College
Number of cards: 1,800
Annual # of transactions:
Card program type(s) managed by speaker: P-Card
Global presence: United States only

Let's face it—the average audience does not get excited about your organization’s P-Card newsletter. Your goal is to make your newsletter an effective tool of communication and as interesting as possible. In this session, you will learn how to capture your audience’s attention from the top down so that the information you are providing can be utilized to help improve your P-Card program.

Attendees will leave with the knowledge of being able to:

  • choose attention-grabbing headlines to captivate your audience
  • choose the correct topics and back that information up with facts
  • know the best times to distribute your newsletter

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