Visa Custom Page for 2015 NAPCP Annual Conference
Grand Hyatt San Antonio
San Antonio, Texas
April 13-16, 2015

Use this page to plan your participation at the 16th Annual NAPCP Conference. This page is specific to Visa. It's your one-stop resource that provides information on complimentary conference registration, exhibit hall details, Product & Technology Demonstration details, Educational Breakout session details, hotel reservations, paid registrations and all things conference. 
Complimentary Conference Registration Status: Dave submitted spreadsheet to Kara on 2.28.15; Received & Complete. Thank you. 
Visa receives a guarantee of (9) complimentary conference passes (1 pass with your Product & Technology Demonstration session, 1 pass with your Educational breakout session, 4 passes with your Gold level year-round sponsorship and 3 passes as one of your pick two options.) The pass is *full conference access and can be used by company employees or company clients and/or prospects
 *exception is Members' Only event held on Wednesday, April 15; this event is for paying NAPCP members only, not complimentary subscribers

NOTE: Dave, with your Gold level partnership, Visa receives 2 passes to attend the Members Only event. Kara will provide the 2 passes to you onsite at the conference.

Dave, please let Laura Flandrick know your Pick 2 Flex Option...pick 2 of the 3 (3 additional conference passes, 4 additional NAPCP memberships, additional Regional Forum sponsorship to total 2 Regional Forums) 

Status: On 2.28.15 Dave indicated via his complimentary conference pass spreadsheet Visa elects for additional conference passes 
Step 1: Identify who will be using the pass 
Step 2: Download the registration spreadsheet. Input the required information and save.
Step 3: Upload the spreadsheet at the bottom of the page and submit. Step 3 needs to be completed by March 6, 2015.
Once the spreadsheet is submitted, the NAPCP will send each individual the link to register complimentary. Uploading this spreadsheet DOES NOT complete their conference registration. It is important for individuals to register themselves to ensure accurate information and preferences while at the conference.

Multiple Conference Registrations
If you are responsible for registering and paying for (3) or more colleagues or clients click here to enter their information.  We will send you a separate invoice for the bulk registration fees dependent on current registration rates and their membership status. Contact Jessica Dressel at or (952) 549-1880 x4 with any questions.

Preferred Registration Check In for Clients and Staff
Visa receives a dedicated registration check in area to greet clients and staff. This is a branded, dedicated registration area separate from the regular conference registration check in. Please let Kara Austrum know if you will take advantage of this benefit.
Important Dates to Keep You on Track
Click here for a downloadable / printable PDF with important dates and deadlines
Overall Conference Agenda
Check out the conference schedule for details on daily activities here.
Hotel Information and Reservations
The Grand Hyatt San Antonio is the venue for the 2015 conference. The NAPCP has negotiated a conference group discount rate of $215. This rate is available until March 16, 2015. Check out all hotel details here and take advantage of the online booking system to make hotel reservations direct with the Grand Hyatt San Antonio.

Visa receives one complimentary room upgrade to a suite at the hotel. Please provide the name of the individual to receive the suite upgrade to Kara Austrum by March 16, 2015. 

Who's Attending
The NAPCP posts the attendee organizations for your review. It is updated monthly and then 
bi-monthly starting in March. Click here and scroll down to the "See Attending Organizations" icon.

Expected Attendance
Over the last 4 years, the average attendance has been 600. This includes all speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and attendees. The breakdown is 60% are end-users, 40% are providers. This translates to approximately 360 end-users and 240 providers. 

Exhibit; Update: On 2.5.15, Dave let Laura know Visa will not exhibit. 
Beginning January 2, 2015, routing for table selection will begin. The routing order is determined by year-round Partner Sponsor status, sponsor level over time, consecutive years as a partner sponsor, exhibitor history as well as date of signed contract and payment received. Routing goes one by one.

Dave, with your Gold sponsorship, you receive either a complimentary 6 foot exhibit table or a Virtual Demonstration conducted during your Gold level sponsorship year. Please let Laura Flandrick know your decision. 

Exhibit and Demonstrator Service Kit (applicable if you elect to exhibit)
Downloadable / printable service kit to prepare for the conference
Exhibitor, Demonstrator and Sponsors' Logistics Page
Click here to find all you need for the following:
Product & Technology Demonstration Status: Received & Complete. Thank you.
Contracts, titles and descriptions are due by January 30, 2015 to be included in the conference printed program. Description received after January 30 are not guaranteed to be included in the program rather will be included in the printed conference addendum, received by all attendees. Click here to download the demonstration template. Complete and submit to Kara Austrum

The NAPCP will supply the demonstration room, seating for attendees, screen, projector, podium, microphone, remote clicker, AV cart and internet. The NAPCP will NOT supply a laptop. The presenter must supply his / her own laptop. 

The NAPCP does not need to see the presentation deck prior to the conference. Please have the PowerPoint deck created in Widescreen format.

Follow these steps to set-up a 16:9 Slide:

Open New Power Point Presentation or existing Template 
Single Click on ‘ Design ‘  Tab > Double Click Page Setup
Select ‘ On-screen Show (16:9) under "Slides sized for:” Drop down window  > Click OK
Every slide added or created within this presentation will now be 16:9  

The NAPCP advertises in the printed program as well as printed signage outside the meeting room that these sessions are for end-users only. It is the responsibility of the demonstrating company to monitor who is in their session. The NAPCP and session hosts are not responsible for monitoring attendance. All provider conference attendees are identified as Provider on their name badge. 
Dates & Times of Product & Technology Demonstrations
Your session will take place on Tuesday, April 14 from 4:15 – 5:00 p.m. in room Crockett AB on the 4th floor.  

Testing Dates & Times (to test your presentation and internet connectivity if needed)
Monday, April 13: 12:00–6:00 p.m. in room Republic B (4th floor)
Tuesday, April 14: 7:00–10:00 a.m. in rooms Crockett AB, Crockett CD & Republic B 

Educational Breakout Session Status: Received & Complete. Thank you
You receive a 45 minute educational breakout session. Your contact for that session is Terri Brustad. Please have your completed session title, description and key takeaways to Terri by January 30, 2015 to ensure you are included in the conference printed program.

Click here to download the template for completion. As a reminder, this session is open to all at the conference. You may have whomever speak / conduct the session but this session allots you one complimentary pass. The NAPCP will review the content to make sure it is educational. The NAPCP will supply the power point deck template to be used to build the presentation. 

Dates & Times of Partner Educational Breakout Sessions
Tuesday, April 14 starting at 10:30 a.m. with the last session starting at 4:15 p.m.
Wednesday, April 15 starting at 10:30 a.m. with the last session starting at 3:45 p.m.

You will be provided date, time slot and presentation room approximately one month prior to the conference. 

Industry Networking Lunch Sponsorship
Visa is sponsoring the Industry Networking lunch on Wednesday, April 15 from 12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. Visa receives up to 5 minutes at the podium to speak to the audience and promote Visa and their dedication to advancing the commercial card industry. Visa 
has the opportunity to play a promotional video and provide attendees with a promotional Visa giveaway and / or collateral. Please work with Kara Austrum on details.

Conference One-on-One Meetings
Dave Edmonds is listed as the contact to schedule a One-on-One meeting with. Visa will be provided the name of the meeting room by the NAPCP.

Scheduled One-on-One Provider Meetings at the Conference
10:30 a.m. - 4:45 p.m. on Tuesday, April 14 and Wednesday, April 15

Visa, Inc. has Meeting Room Travis A on the 3rd floor. A table, chairs and signage is included. You may use this room how you like on Wednesday & Thursday. 

*Please note: U.S. Bank will also have a table in this room. Visa, Inc. does not need to use this room if preferred.Other rooms for privacy at your disposal include a Provider Pop Up Meeting room. This is the room you can use at your leisure. You simply need to sign up for time slots on a signup sheet on the outside of the room when you would like to reserve it. That room is San Jacinto located on the 2nd floor. There is also plenty of pre-function space with benches and seating on the 2nd floor outside of all the breakout rooms. And of course there are some nice areas and space on the lobby level near Bar Rojo and Starbucks for talking and meeting. 

Hot Topic Discussion  Status: Received & Complete. Thank you
Visa receives sponsorship of a Hot Topic discussion breakout session. Visa may provide ideas on topic to the NAPCP as well as be open to the NAPCP providing guidance on topic. Please try and have topic confirmed by January 30, 2015

Hot Topics will take place either on Tuesday, April 14 for 45 minutes or Wednesday, April 15 for 45 minutes. The NAPCP will provide Visa date, time and room location a month prior to the conference. A complimentary conference pass is not included with a Hot
Topic sponsorship. 

Conference Attendee Appreciate Gifts
Please consider donating an attendee appreciation gift. These gifts will be drawn on Wednesday, April 15 at 8:45 a.m.before the morning General Session. Sponsoring companies will be recognized on projection screens and by the emcee. Ideas include: Gift cards, electronics, gadgets, etc...If you plan to contribute an appreciation gift, please contact 
Kara Austrum at

Advertisement in 2015 NAPCP Global Provider Directory Status; Received & Complete
You receive a logo and listing complimentary with your Gold Partner Sponsorship. Please provide the correct information by February 6, 2015. Please complete the logo & listing form and send to

Frequently Asked Questions
Check out FAQ's for answers explaining exhibit table selection, demonstration time slots and all other questions pertaining to provider participation at the conference.
NAPCP Contact
Kara Austrum, Meetings & Events Manager
(952) 546-1880 ext. 7

When your spreadsheet is complete, choose the file and hit submit.