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2016 NAPCP Canadian Commercial Card and Payment Conference Session Descriptions

About the Conference Agenda Sessions
Venue  Call for Speakers Exhibit Hall, Demos and Sponsors

General Sessions

An End-User Perspective: Where Ideas and Solutions Become Reality

Moderated by: Katie Beatty, Community Engagement Specialist, NAPCP

Panelists: Fidel Coutou, Sr. Director P2P Shared Services, Rogers Communications Partnership; Jack Reynaert, Manager Global Travel, Meritor Inc.; Grant Goss, Team Lead – Travel, Business Expenses and Corporate Cards, Enbridge Inc.

Join us for an exciting panel discussion where we will examine viewpoints on how to manage effective Commercial Card and payment strategies in this fast-changing industry. Traditional payment strategies have changed dramatically over the years and are still changing. From check processing to ePayables; constant new solutions and ideas are knocking on our door. Our discussion will have a broad focus leveraging the panel’s expertise and knowledge about managing a streamlined and efficient program while keeping up with these latest trends in the industry.

Join the panel as they discuss these and other Commercial Card topics, such as:

  • compliance and control tips and practices

  • efficiencies and cost savings

  • incorporating virtual payments to expand program growth

  • best practices for program optimization

Putting Humour to Work for Less Stress and More Success!
Presented by: Michael Kerr, Humour At Work, Canmour/Calgary, Alberta

One of Canada's most sought-after speakers, Michael will create a fun atmosphere to deliver practical content and inspiring ideas to help you create a culture that champions humor at work.

Participants will leave the session ready to implement the following concepts:

  • how humor can help drive individual, team, and organizational success and why there’s nothing trivial about humor, fun, and happiness in the workplace

  • how humor can lower absenteeism rates, promote a safer workplace, and be part of a successful workplace wellness program

  • how humor is both a tool FOR great success AND the product of greater success

  • why humor is considered one of the top catalysts for creative thinking


Breakout Sessions

Building Blocks to Starting a Successful P-Card Program
Presented by: Raushan Gross, Assistant Professor of Business Administration, Pfeiffer University

Join Raushan as he leads you through the strategies to consider as you begin your journey in starting a Commercial Card program.

You will leave this session with information including:

  • understanding how/where P-Cards fit into the payment strategy and the related benefits, such as efficiency, cost savings, reporting, and visibility on spend and more—what we call the value proposition
  • how to construct an organizational P-Card policy that supports strategic goals, encourages supplier support, and gains the trust of end users and upper management
  • how to develop and implement P-Card processes that link all areas of the organization to maintain financial controls, card usage visibility and financial accountability

Empowering Cardholders and Increasing Compliance
Presented by: Janet M. Buck, Supervisor, Accounts Payable & P-Card Program Administration, City of Toronto

Moving from 10% to 100% compliance! P-Card programs, at all levels, are struggling with cardholder acceptance and compliance. The City of Toronto took a look at its program and zeroed in on areas that needed reinforcement. We looked at the tools currently in the hands of the cardholders and made changes so they could always be compliant. How are we doing that? Embracing technology, interactive teaching, reassuring senior management with visible proof and enforcing the "rules."

You will leave this session understanding that:

  • Programs are a "work in progress”
  • Cardholders need simple rules and streamlined processes
  • Technology is our friend
    Management needs "good news” stories (KPIs) 

Incorporating ePayables Into your AP Process
Presented by: Katie Beatty, Community Engagement Specialist, NAPCP

You probably know that ePayables can help process invoices faster, reduce errors, save money, and automate approvals. But it can also go beyond increased efficiency, offering real time access to business information that offers valuable insight. Learn how to incorporate a successful ePayables solution to your program and identify the key building blocks that will secure a firm foundation.

Attend this session and learn:

  • to identify and assess the various ePayable models
  • how ePayables fit into your payment strategy and steps to successful integration
  • when you should use a traditional P-Card and when to use ePayables
  • how to document the benefits to your organization and anticipate the impact on your suppliers

Many Benefits of Compliance—Driving Results From Your Processes
Presented by: Jack Reynaert, Manager Global Travel, Meritor Inc.

After engineering a stellar Corporate Card program—with strong business partners—what do you do when users fail to adopt the new processes? Learn how to identify the spend opportunities for your program and your target market. Identify ways to drive compliance in order to achieve desired results, which will lead to the success of your program.

Attendees will leave with the knowledge of being able to:

  • effectively sell the value of your new program
  • establish a regular tracking and reporting process
  • close the gaps between non-compliance and optimal results
  • measure and report on the cost of program bypass
  • share the success from internal savings to the benefits of compliance

Merging P-Cards and T&E Cards into a One Card Program
Presented by: Grant Goss,Team Lead – Travel, Business Expenses and Corporate Cards, Enbridge Inc.

How many different cards does your organization use? How many cards do your cardholders have to keep track of and mostly, remember which card to use for what? Merging your card programs together will streamline work flow, create a better payment strategy and could reduce payment processing costs.

Attendees will leave with the knowledge of being able to:

  • understand core benefits of implementing a One Card program
  • recognize how to effectively address challenges or drawbacks of One Cards
  • how to determine what liability your organization should choose
  • show effective reporting of spend

Transforming Your Purchasing Card Program to Include a Rewarding ePayables Payment Option
Presented by: Fidel Coutou, Sr. Director P2P Shared Services, Rogers Communications Partnership

It's time to think outside the P-Card box. How can you transform a mature P-Card program to include an ePayables payment option, taking steps to capture large ticket items? Transformation can occur without change to the current P-Card model and without extra effort required to increase the transaction counts.

Attendees will leave with the ability to:

  • maintain a traditional P-Card Program while incorporating an ePayables Push Method Model
  • provide a mutually beneficial ePayables solution that benefits both the organization and the vendor
  • maximize days payable outstanding (DPO) while growing rebates
  • create a process that will yield a large outcome with little effort

Utilizing P-Cards to Make A/P More Efficient
Presented by: Irene Wong, B. Eng., CPA, CGA, Manager, Accounts Payable, UHN - University Health Network

Managers are often being asked to do more with less nowadays. How can A/P managers make A/P more efficient when automation may not be an option available to you? In this session, we will share how we reduce costs and generate revenues using the P-Card and the Ghost Card.

After this session, attendees will be able to:

  • differentiate between P-Cards and Ghost Cards
  • understand the benefits of P-Cards and Ghost Cards
  • understand the setup and payment workflow using a Ghost Card
  • identify common challenges when using a Ghost Card and ways to overcome them

Provider Breakout or Demonstrations

Accelerate your Program’s Financial Value
Presented by: Scotiabank, Conference Lead Sponsor

This session will explore how the client’s card program can be maximized through the use of different card and cardless solutions. Visa Payables Automation is key to the success of increasing the program spend, and streamlining the payment process. Rebate payment and process savings are maximized through the use of this tool. Critical components for a successful card program are internal communication with key stakeholders, vendor communication and strong negotiation strategies. A focused approach to implementation and supplier enablement lead by our partners at Visa ensures a quick realization of spend.  

Attendees will gain valuable information and tips on:

  • importance of scalable supplier enrollment
  • taking advantage of ePayables
  • identifying the size of your opportunity


Automated Monitoring and Resolution of Card Misuse
Presented by: CaseWare Analytics, Conference Sponsor

Today's growing use of Purchasing Cards (P-Cards) can expose organizations to abuse, misuse and fraudulent activities. As P-Card programs continue to grow, it becomes increasingly challenging for organizations to maintain compliance as well as validate performance.

The CaseWare for P-Cards solution continuously monitors all transactions and identifies control exposures, such as split and duplicate transactions and unauthorized cardholders within Purchasing Card programs. This approach to revenue protection trumps periodic audit sampling and eliminates all "blind spots” in your purchasing process (P-Cards, T&E, AP, etc.) by incorporating an automated workflow and collaborative remediation strategy that leaves no opportunity for issues to be concealed.

After this session attendees will be able to:

  • automate monitoring of 100% of transactions across multiple data sources such as HR, AP and P-Card data, etc.
  • distribute actionable insights to business stakeholders and track status of resolution
  • conduct comprehensive risk and control assessments to discover root causes and improve the business process

Evolving Payment Efficiencies with P-Card and ePayables (EAP). Insights, Best Practices and Ways Your Network Can Help Grow Your Program
Presented by: MasterCard Canada, ULC, Conference Sponsor

Hear the latest findings for how P-Card and ePayables are being used in Canada today. Learn how those findings can be applied to your program.

Leverage the MasterCard network Solutions and Services to enhance, evolve and grow your existing payment card programs. This will leave attendees with a succinct view of what the best programs are doing today and how the networks are adding resources to help them achieve their goals.

At the end of this session, attendees will be able to:

  • understand how their program stacks up against others in Canada
  • understand the opportunities or gaps that exist
  • prescribe how people administrators can leverage their bank partners and their networks to enhance programs
  • educate users about the array of tools and resources available from the networks to assist in driving toward a Best Practices program
  • develop strategies to optimize their programs and drive further efficiencies

Maximizing Supplier Relations and Increasing Working Capital to Drive Business Growth 
Presented by: Presented by: Robert Bast, Director - B2B Growth Strategy & Enablement, American Express Canada, Conference Sponsor

Attendees will receive insightful tips on improving their bottom line through more effective growth-focused cash flow management. Robert will help draw attention to opportunities to improve company payment processes and resource allocation and how to take advantage of the best expense management tools in place so that companies can reinvest money back into the business.

Attendees will learn:

  • how to streamline payment processes
  • how to improve cash management/generate more working capital
  • how to identify best-fit suppliers and improve buyer-supplier relationships


P-Card & Corporate Card Expense Reporting Integration 2.0
Presented by: Chris Harley, VP Sales, DATABASICS Inc., Conference Sponsor

Join expense reporting solution provider, DATABASICS, for an insightful presentation and demonstration on several key benefits to integrate and automate P-Card and Corporate Card processing via an expense solution. The session will focus on four specific area of process improvement: cost allocation, advanced policy and workflows, reporting and mobile application.

Attendees of this session will:

  • hear a case study from a P-Card corporate user
  • gain insights into key benefits for processing P-Card and Corporate Card via an expense reporting solution

Simplifying the Management of Corporate Card Spend 
Presented by: BMO Financial Group, Conference Sponsor

Managing corporate card spend is more complex than ever before. Many organizations do not have the comprehensive insights or flexible tools needed to easily capture and understand spend data, improve policy compliance and identify cost savings. 

BMO Financial Group will deliver a live demonstration of its new Spend Dynamics tool, an easy-to-use, seamless global platform that allows organizations to capture, manage and report on all types of corporate card spend. Attendees will learn how to use the standard suite of reports and how to run fast, custom analysis in order to uncover savings to reinvest in the business, flag rogue spending and ensure spend is within policy.

After attending this demonstration, attendees will be able to:

  • Minimize the complexities of Corporate Card management 
  • Better control all types of Corporate Card spend comprehensively and within policy
  • Identify needed cost savings to drive real business improvements and free up staff

Succeeding in B2B Payables in the Canadian Commercial Marketplace
Sponsored by: Visa Canada, Conference Sponsor
Presented by:Mark Silverman – Regional Head, Americas, PayTech Commercial AS

The use of Commercial Cards in the Canadian marketplace is definitely growing, but how much? And in what specific areas? And how does this growth compare to commercial card penetration in other global markets? Using recent research this session will provide attendees a comprehensive look at how cards are being used for travel and purchasing in Canada, and what the landscape could look like moving forward.

After this session attendees will have a better understanding of:

  • what is the overall state of the Canadian Commercial Card marketplace
  • navigating the challenges to increased card penetration
  • what factors impact B2B card acceptance
  • global client Commercial Card best practices and expectations

Supplier Enablement and Enhanced Data
Presented by: Jason Straw, BluePay

Excellent opportunities exist to increase the size and value of P-Card programs. The onboarding of Strategic Suppliers for P-Card acceptance is one.
A strategic supplier enablement campaign increases success for program growth. A component of your campaign must ensure that internal stakeholders support your initiative by focusing on their needs for administrative efficiency and user-friendliness. Suppliers’ willingness to accept cards is a vital first step. The passing of enhanced (invoice-level) data with card transactions supports your stakeholders’ needs for efficiency and value. Best-in-class technical solutions with your suppliers will increase support of the card as a payment tool which will elevate organization success.

Attendees of this session will leave with the following knowledge and insights:

  • understand the true value of enhanced data
  • understand the components of an enhanced data enablement campaign
  • understand the stakeholder ecosystem with roles and responsibilities
  • recommended best practices for campaign success


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