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2017 Annual Conference Provider Breakout or Demos


Provider Breakout or Demonstrations



Provider Breakout or Demonstration Sessions
These sessions are offered by industry providers eager to showcase their products to current and prospective clients or provide thought leadership in the Commercial Card industry.  

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Be Exceptional! Automating Your P-Card Exception Analytics
(Open to end-users and providers)
Presented by: ACL Services Ltd.

ACL Services Ltd.
ACL is a global software company with innovative solutions to help P-Card and finance professionals keep their processes in check and protect their organization’s reputation. Through a unique combination of extreme ease-of-use, cloud delivery and the integration of industry standard risk and data analytics, ACL’s platform allows you to efficiently manage your P-Card programs to stamp out fraud, waste and abuse. Learn more at our booth and

Modern organizations face increased risk and scrutiny managing their corporate purchase, travel and credit card programs. Rear-view mirror monitoring, sampling and manual efforts do not provide assurance about the health of your processes.

In this session you will learn how to create a continuous monitoring program using data analytics that will enable you to discover fraud, misuse and errors, and you give visibility into the health of your program.

In this session, you will learn how to:

  • create a continuous monitoring program that will identify card exceptions
  • locate and use other data sources to enrich the value of the testing
  • learn about how advanced techniques such as fuzzy matching and statistical analysis can be used for deeper testing coverage
  • see the benefits of advanced reporting and automated workflow of exceptions

Optimizing Payment Strategy—Extend Card and Retain Key Supplier Relationships 
(Open to all but end-users preferred)
Presented by:Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Bank of America Merrill Lynch is a leading provider of card solutions to companies, globally, and to federal, state and local government entities in the United States. We will work with you to understand your unique payments processes and work to deliver integrated electronic solutions designed to help increase efficiency, visibility and control.
Through this interactive discussion with a leading provider of card solutions and several successful buying organizations, you will hear testimonies that highlight how to:
  • Deploy best practices for maximizing working capital management with card
  • Extend supplier adoption of card payments through a variety of on-boarding and retention tactics
  • Effectively leverage alternative interchange programs to mitigate cost of acceptance concerns
  • Understand network preferred pricing for select merchants, the impact to supplier acceptance, and to potential revenue share

Realizing Successful Global P-Card Management: Implementation 3.0
(Open to end-users and providers)
Presented by: Chris Harley, VP of Sales, DATABASICS

DATABASICS provides cloud-based, next generation Expense Reporting, Timesheet Management, P-Card Management and Invoice Automation. DATABASICS P-Card Management empowers organizations to take advantage of the efficiencies of P-Cards while maintaining full oversight. Specializing in meeting the most rigorous requirements, DATABASICS offers the highest level of service to its customers around the world.
Is your company’s P-Card program expanding overseas? Do the limitations of your current bank solution make P-Card management a hassle? To successfully manage a global P-Card program, you need the right controls in place and real-time visibility in spend. But, most importantly you need a trusted provider to assist with planning and preparing for this major global endeavor. In other words, you need a solution that will do the heavy lifting for you. You don’t have to be overwhelmed by the financial and organizational challenges ahead. Instead, this time can be a source of excitement about new opportunities abroad. This session will guide you through the effective implementation of an international P-Card control environment, helping you take advantage of the simplified process and cost reduction inherent in P-Cards.

DATABASICS will lead attendees in discussion of:
  • implementation of a successful international P-Card control environment
  • the importance of having an automated management system, workflows, mobile access, and real-time visibility
  • anticipating and solving internal change management challenges
  • exploration of the part played by Millennials
  • innovations and the latest and greatest trends in
    P-Cards management


Swapping Your Payables Wallet for a Payment Network Powerhouse 
(Open to end-users and providers)
Presented by: Bottomline Technologies and MasterCard

Bottomline Technologies
Businesses around the world depend on Bottomline Technologies (NASDAQ: EPAY) solutions to help them pay and get paid, including some of the world’s largest systemic banks, private and publicly traded companies and insurers.

MasterCard is a technology company in the global payments industry. We operate the world’s fastest payments processing network, connecting consumers, financial institutions, merchants, governments and businesses in more than 210 countries and territories. MasterCard products and solutions make everyday commerce activities easier, more secure and more efficient for everyone.
Existing approaches to business payments are fragmented, complex and broken. Sixty-one percent of organizations have a payment strategy calling for different payment methods (electronic AP cards, ACH, check and wire), yet using all of these means cobbling together disparate payment solutions from multiple providers or banks.

The integration of Bottomline’s Paymode-X network with MasterCard’s virtual card solution, In Control for Commercial Payments, offers a streamlined, integrated approach to payables. This new solution provides corporates the ability to make all payment types easily and securely with a single file, while tapping into the power of the large established supplier networks of Paymode-X and MasterCard.

Attend this session to:
  • learn why you’re missing opportunities to maximize AP’s transformation to a profit center
  • learn how to make your payments mix hassle-free
  • get a sneak peek at how MasterCard’s Virtual Card works with the Paymode-X network

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