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Educational Sessions at NAPCP Annual Conference 2016

 2016 Workshops and Sessions


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 Educational Breakout Sessions

A Juggling Act—Instituting Effective Internal Controls
Presented by: Kristen Bolden, Lead Financial Management Analyst, Commonwealth of Virginia
Number of cards: Approximately 30,000
Annual # of transactions: 1,624,690
Card program type(s) managed by the speaker: P-Card, Travel Card, One Card, ePayables
U.S. only or global card program: U.S. only, but cards are used internationally

How can I effectively build my card portfolio without compromising internal controls that protect my organization? How do I know if my internal controls are effective?

Conference attendees will leave with the knowledge of being able to:

  • develop strong senior management support that is strategically aligned with business needs
  • regularly communicate card-related policies and procedures
  • establish ongoing controls to ensure that employees are using cards in compliance with policy
  • fully automate the card procure-to-pay and accounts payable processes
  • expand card usage based on agency needs
  • identify practical ways to monitor the effectiveness of your internal controls

                  -spend growth versus number of incidences
                  -cases of remedial actions taken

An Integrated Approach to Purchasing Card Sales/Use Tax Requirements
Presented by: Mike Ringelman, CPCP, Purchasing Card Technologist, Northrop Grumman Corporation

Number of cards: 800
Annual # of transactions: 150,000
Card program type(s) managed by the speaker (P-Card, Travel Card, One Card, Fleet, ePayables, etc.): P-Card
U.S. only or global card program: U.S. only 

An effective tax management strategy for Purchasing Cards takes advantage of electronic data while limiting costly human intervention. Many methods are available, from a basic estimation of taxes to the use of specifically designed sales and use tax software. Learn how to properly account for sales and use taxes by automating the process to the greatest extent possible. Attendees will hear about an integrated approach that leverages the existing tax bolt-on software and receipt attachment functionality to fully comply with sales/use tax requirements.

Leave with an understanding of the importance of:

  • choosing a method that meets taxability, compliance and audit criteria
  • not offsetting the benefits of Purchasing Cards by being too restrictive
  • developing a strong record retention policy
  • carefully constructing a strategy that could avoid fines and penalties

An Interactive Look Into the Certified Purchasing Card Professional Credential
Presented by: NAPCP Purchasing Card Professional Certification Council (PCPCC)
Moderated by: Katie Beatty, Community Engagement Specialist, NAPCP

The NAPCP is a membership-based professional association committed to advancing Commercial Card and Payment professionals and industry practices worldwide. The NAPCP is a respected voice in the industry, serving as an impartial resource for members at all experience levels in the public and private sectors. The NAPCP offers a Certified Purchasing Card Professional (CPCP) credential. 
Have you ever wondered what holding the CPCP credential can do for you? Join us for an interactive panel discussion with current CPCP’s and members from the Purchasing Card Professional Certification Council (PCPCC). Have all your questions answered from the pros!


Discussion can include:

  • eligibility requirements
  • how to prepare for the exam
  • how to utilize your credential
  • re-certification requirements

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: Changing Card Providers
Presented by: Alta Herndon, CPCP, Payments & P-Card Program Manager, University of Northern Colorado

Number of cards: 1,150
Annual # of transactions: 50,000
Card program type(s) managed by the speaker (P-Card, Travel Card, One Card, Fleet, ePayables, etc.): One Card
U.S. only or global card program: U.S. only

When your business or organization is changing card providers, appropriately managing the transition can significantly improve the quality of your card program and ease the potential difficulties inherent in change. This session provides practical advice to help you realize the benefits and opportunities that become available to your program when changing providers, provides a general outline for navigating through the transition and tips for preventing or mitigating potential issues.

Key takeaways:
  • learn how to use the transition to a new card provider to strengthen and streamline your card program
  • obtain an overview of the tasks necessary to successfully navigate your transition from the current card provider to a new card provider
  • prevent problematic and time-consuming issues that can occur before, during and after the transition to a new card provider

C+M²=P³/Collaboration + Managing and Maximizing = Progressive P-Card Program
Presented by: Stephanie Dowell, CPCP, Senior Procurement Systems Analyst, Cox Enterprises, Inc. and Kim Gheesling, CPCP, Senior Procurement Systems Analyst, Cox Enterprises, Inc.

Number of cards: 2,806
Annual # of transactions: 298,000
Card program type(s) managed by the speaker: P-Card and Fuel Card
U.S. only or global card program: US and Canada 
The C+M²=P³ presentation will highlight key factors that the P-Card administrators at Cox Enterprises, Inc., have utilized to successfully collaborate across five unique business units. This session will enlighten attendees on an administrative approach that fosters continuous success and growth in a multi-divisional P-Card program while meeting and exceeding unique and individual business needs. “Managing and Maximizing” will focus on program controls, policies, training, and roles and responsibilities.

Stephanie and Kim will stress five success strategies that any company can apply toward procurement program excellence:

  • gaining and maintaining senior leadership support
  • identifying, documenting and meeting business needs
  • enforcing a detailed policy through ongoing education and training
  • defining P-Card metrics to establish the program KPIs and goals
  • partnering with targeted suppliers to grow the P-Card program

Converting to a One Card Program: Strategic Advantages for Program Administrators
Presented by: Stephen Steinfath, Payment Card Program Manager, Vanderbilt University

Number of cards: 850
Annual # of transactions: 100,000
Card program type(s) managed by the speaker (P-Card, Travel Card, One Card, Fleet, ePayables, etc.): P-Cards, T&E, Fleet, declining limit, subject participation, athletics, and monthly patient refund reimbursement cards.
U.S. only or global card program: U.S. Canada, UK, Germany, China, United Arab Emirates 

Discuss the advantages of converting to a One Card program (P-Card and T&E) and key reasons why it makes sense for some organizations with highly diverse procurement needs to convert to a One Card. The presentation will cover Vanderbilt’s experience in their recent RFP process and implementing a One Card program, converting from the more traditional dual-card platform (P-Card and T&E). Advantages such as internal control synergies created from a One Card program, streamlined auditing, analytics, and better adaptability for cardholders and merchants will be covered.

Attendees will leave with the knowledge of:

  • the advantages to a One Card program
  • reasons to switch to a One Card platform 
  • Vanderbilt’s experience with a One Card implementation
  • synergies created from a One Card program

Data at Your Fingertips! Simplify Your P-Card Program Reporting Using Dashboards
Presented by: Theresa Blatner, P-Card Administrator, AGL Resources


Number of cards: 2,400
Annual # of transactions: Approximately 108,000
Card program type(s) managed by the speaker: P-Card
U.S. only or global card program: U.S. Only


Are you tired of scrolling through thousands of rows and columns, trying to make sense of your P-Card data? During this session, you will see the difference between a boring spreadsheet and a colorful graph that gives an “at-a-glance” snapshot of your program.

Theresa will:

  • help you identify areas where dashboards can be used 
  • talk about software you probably already use, that can be used to create dashboards 
  • explain the difference between reporting with spreadsheets versus dashboards/graphics
  • demonstrate how graphics represent a picture of program statistics that are visually pleasing

Fueling Efficiency: Creating a Self-Service Solution for Fleet Cards
Presented by: Jessica L. Perdue, CPCP, Corporate Card Administrator, The Nature Conservancy
Number of cards: 3,000+
Annual # of transactions: 260K
Card program type(s) managed by the speaker: P-Card, Travel Card, One Card, Fleet, ePayables
U.S. only or global card program: North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Africa

The Nature Conservancy needed an electronic solution to track emissions from company-owned vehicles to comply with a state government reporting requirement. The Conservancy was also implementing an initiative to track the carbon footprint of the entire company. We created a custom transaction feed into our electronic expense reporting system where multiple employees use the same Fleet Card in an individual vehicle, and the purchase is reconciled online by the employee who made the purchase. Over 3,000 employees, 800+ vehicles, one invoice: PRICELESS.

Jessica will share how this integration:

  • created custom solutions to track data
  • helped to overcome obstacles inside and outside their organization
  • provided an opportunity to create policy and procedures for a brand new solution
  • incorporated new tasks and controls into their existing organizational structure

Get Up and Grow Your Program—Re-energizing Your ePayables Program
Presented by: Alicia Thiessen, Sr. Purchasing Specialist, The Kansas City Southern Railway Company (KCS)


Number of cards: 1,029
Annual # of transactions: 105,828
Card program type(s) managed by the speaker (P-Card, Travel Card, One Card, Fleet, ePayables, etc.): P-Card, Travel Card, ePayables
U.S. only or global card program: U.S. Only

Implementing an ePayables program is only half the battle. How do you drive acceptance? This session will navigate through the various steps needed to ensure your program is successful.

Attendees will leave with the knowledge of how to:

  • gain support from internal partners within your organization
  • optimize the partnership between your organization and the program provider
  • entice supplier acceptance without jeopardizing days payable outstanding (DPO).
  • identify ways to continue growth of your program beyond implementation

Go Virtual! Success with ePayables Enrollment
Presented by: Elizabeth L. Mozley, Associate Category Manager, Sonoco Products Company

Number of cards: 2,800 Physical Cards; 316 ePayable Virtual Ghost Cards; 4,500 ePayable Virtual Purchase Cards
Annual # of transactions: 500,000+
Card program type(s) managed by the speaker: P-Card, Travel Card, Single Use Card, Fleet and ePayables
U.S. only or global card program: U.S. and Canada 
The million dollar question? How can you capture more spend on a P-Card to include large ticket transactions, to grow rebate and extend working capital? The efficiencies gained and the steps taken to implement a successful ePayables program will be shared during this session.

Attendees will leave with the knowledge to:
  • categorize suppliers and develop strategies to maximize efficiencies within your P2P processes
  • evaluate your processes for inefficiencies
  • explain the different types of ePayables and how ePayables differ from P-Cards
  • leverage your card program to increase working capital
  • initiate an A/P file analysis and identify target suppliers for card payments

Higher Education Sector
Facilitated by: Lesley Lackore, CPCP, Program Coordinator, Iowa State University

The NAPCP Higher Education Advisory Team (HEAT) advises the NAPCP and provides feedback on educational topics that would be of interest to fellow NAPCP members in the higher education sector. 
Join us for a lively discussion where the attendees bring both the questions and the answers! Lesley and the Higher Education Advisory Team (HEAT) will facilitate this hot topic forum on issues relevant to Purchasing Card professionals in higher education.

Topics to get the conversation started include:
  • how to handle violations
  • department cards
  • EMV chip card transition
  • One Card programs
  • Amazon business accounts
  • Alcohol purchases

Implementing an Electronic Expense and Imaging Program
Presented by: Kerri Ferrante, CPCP, Corporate Services Manager, IDEXX Laboratories, Inc.


Number of cards: 450
Annual # of transactions: 35,000
Card program type(s) managed by the speaker P-Card
U.S. only or global card program: North America  

Are you considering implementing an electronic expense and imaging program for your cardholders? Are you concerned about the complexity of the process? Join Kerri to discuss what she learned during her implementation and the benefits of working through the challenges.

Key Takeways:

  • gaining top-down support by documenting the benefits
  • ensuring the program fits into your compliance and control oversight protocols
  • have strong implementation partners
  • understand your role and responsibilities in the project
  • develop training materials
  • don’t reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to 

Implementing Online Reconciliation to Support Standardization of Payment Methods
Presented by: David Zoll, MS, CPCP, VCA, SPCC Program Administrator, College of William & Mary

Number of cards: 500
Annual # of transactions: 55,000
Card program type(s) managed by the speaker: P-Card
U.S. only or global card program: U.S. Only
This presentation will review a case study of a successful transition from paper-based processing to electronic receipt imaging and reconciliation.

Key takeaways will include:
  • establishing a guiding coalition and obtaining buy-in from all levels of the organization
  • identifying systems to support the change initiative
  • developing processes and determining quick wins to meet department needs
  • creating a pilot group, communicating change and conducting continuous training
  • identifying outcomes and documenting savings due to change

Less is More: Streamlining Spend Management with One Cards
Presented by: Debra McGill, CPCP, Enterprise Contracts & Corporate Card Program Manager, British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority (“BC Hydro”)

Number of cards: 5,000+
Annual # of transactions: 250,000
Card program type(s) managed by the speaker: One Card
U.S. only or global card program: Primarily Canada
How can adopting payment solutions streamline operations and increase organizational efficiencies? This session will discuss the specifics of how to identify gaps in a spend management program and will outline the keys to successful adoption of a card program.

Attendees will gain a better understanding of how card programs benefit businesses through firsthand experience, including:


  • how card solutions can increase the efficiency of an organization by streamlining operations, enhancing spend management and analytical capabilities and helping upgrade out-of-date systems and processes
  • how program managers can analyze different spend paths such as EFT, wires and card use to identify the best areas in which to enhance spenid management systems
  • how to nurture a long-term partnership with a card provider and ensure that an organization is working with a provider it trusts

Motivation at Its Best! Creating Culture Without Jeopardizing Results
Presented by: Jennifer Gruich, Supervisor III, Corporate Card Services, Southwest Airlines Company


Number of cards: 3,400
Annual # of transactions: 430,000 in 2014
Card program type(s) managed by the speaker: One Card and ePayables
U.S. only or global card program: U.S. only

Have you ever wondered how to motivate employees/co-workers whose day-to-day tasks may have become mundane? Have you ever thought how other departments may be easier to work with if you could understand one another better while incorporating fun? Then this is the session for you!

Attendees will leave with the knowledge of:

  • utilizing small, inexpensive gestures to motivate employees without hurting productivity
  • how to recognize hard work to help keep good employees from leaving
  • the importance of showing appreciation to other departments that result in better relationships
  • how to encourage employees to have fun at work!

On-Boarding Vendors to Streamline Purchasing with a One Card
Presented by: Eran Allen, Accounts Payable Manager, Heartland Dental LLC
 Number of cards: 419
Annual # of transactions: 135,000
Card program type(s) managed by the speaker (P-Card, Travel Card, One Card, Fleet, ePayables, etc.): One Card
U.S. only or global card program: U.S. Only

Heartland Dental’s manual expense reporting system, which was rooted in Excel spreadsheets, was far from ideal for an organization of its size. While the company had implemented Travel and Entertainment (T&E) Cards in the past, it had never used a P-Card program. After seeing the versatility a One Card could provide, Heartland Dental quickly began analyzing its vendor file and on-boarding its vendors. Heartland Dental realized the convenience of the One Card when the company switched vendors for the large majority of its IT equipment purchases. With vendors on board and increased efficiencies in the A/P department, Heartland Dental plans to expand its programs to nine other regions by the end of 2015.

Eran will explain:

  • how complex equipment purchases are simplified with a One Card
  • tips for on-boarding vendors after implementing a P-Card program
  • the ongoing mutual convenience and savings of the One Card and unexpected benefits from the vendor side

One Size DOESN’T Fit All: Creating a T&E Policy for YOUR Company
Presented by: Marie Cohen, Senior Procurement Specialist, USI Insurance Services LLC

Number of cards: 900
Annual # of transactions: 100,000
Card program type(s) managed by the speaker: Corporate Cards, Purchasing Cards, Meeting Cards, Virtual Cards
U.S. only or global card program: U.S. only

Need to create a Travel and Expense (T&E) policy and don’t know where to start? Looking to update your current policy?  This session will focus on the critical elements required for a comprehensive, actionable T&E policy which is unique to your company’s corporate culture. Discussion will include identifying roles and responsibilities, key decision points and managing non-compliance.

Attendees will leave with the knowledge of being able to:
identify the right T&E policy stakeholders tasked with creating the policy

  • pinpoint the key decision points which must be addressed in a successful policy
  • develop T&E policy provisions which are actionable and auditable
  • craft a comprehensive, clear and concise policy

Protecting the Corporate Image in a Highly Regulated Business
Presented by: Marce Bridgewater, CPCP, P-Card Program Administrator, Ameren Corporation


Number of cards: 3,600
Annual # of transactions: 175,000
Card program type(s) managed by the speaker: P-Card, One Card, ePayables, Virtual Credit Card, Fleet Card
U.S. only or global card program: U.S. only

What's our challenge? How to negotiate risks and perform in the dynamic and challenging environments in which we do business.

Join Marce to:

  • discuss maximizing the benefits of system automation
  • learn the value of third-party 100 percent monthly review of all expenses and credit card transactions
  • gain guidance on developing a self-help approach by leveraging your company's intranet
  • talk about building procedures to support your policy
  • promote continuous improvement as a philosophy for sustainability

Public Sector Panel Discussion
Presented by Government and K-12 Advisory Team
Moderated by: John Thomason, CPM, State Cards Program Manager, Georgia Department of Administrative Services

Do you belong to a regional, state or industry specific P-Card group?

The panel will:


  • discuss the benefits of being a member of a regional group
  • provide suggestions for starting or joining a regional group

A Payment Cost Analysis (PCA) is a valuable exercise to complete to prove that P-Cards are a cost-effective tool in an organization’s payment strategy.

 Considerations include:

  • methodology to prepare a PCA
  • benefits of a PCA

Strategies to Increase Rebate and Manage Spend
Presented by: Mike Lewis, Assistant Director of Procurement, University of Kansas


Number of cards: 955
Annual # of transactions: 54,500
Card program type(s) managed by the speaker (P-Card, Travel Card, One Card, Fleet, ePayables, etc.): P-Card, ePayables (note: travel and fuel are on P-Card, not separate)
U.S. only or global card program: U.S.

When the University of Kansas revamped its entire procure-to-pay process and moved toward a managed spend approach, the result was that transactions formerly paid by P-Card were now paid by check or ACH, thereby reducing rebate. Additionally, some employees continued to seek reimbursement for transactions ideally suited for a P-Card transaction. To overcome these challenges, the University had to be creative with its payment tools to regain rebate and reduce employee reimbursements. An electronic payment solution was implemented utilizing a one-time use account number, as well as adding Declining Balance P-Cards and Departmental P-Cards. The presentation will discuss the challenges the university faced, how they were overcome and their path to success.

Key takeaways include:

  • managed spend doesn’t mean eliminating rebate
  • what an e-Payment solution is and how it works
  • what a Declining Balance card is and how it can reduce personal reimbursements
  • why a Department P-Card may be beneficial

Tax Compliance Post-FACTA and Global VAT Developments
Presented by: Libby Hamilton, Senior Manager, Deloitte Tax LLP and Ronnie Dassen, Principal, Deloitte Tax LLP

Deloitte Tax LLP provides industry-leading audit, consulting, tax, and advisory services, across 20 industry sectors, to many of the world’s most admired brands, including 80% of the Fortune 500.
Tax regimes increasingly impact companies and their transactions on a global basis.


  • We will discuss current impacts of information reporting regimes including:
         - FATCA reporting and withholding
         - NRA (Section 1441) reporting and withholding
         - impacts of Section 6050W on payment card transactions

  • We will also explore global trends in VAT and the impact VAT has on multinational companies. Specifically we will discuss:
         - industry-relevant trends in VAT
         - general legislative developments

What Will Faster, Safer Payments Mean for the U.S.?
Presented by: Daniel Gonzalez, Vice President - Payment Industry Relations, Federal Reserve’s Customer Relations and Support Office, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago is one of 12 regional Reserve Banks across the United States that, together with the Board of Governors in Washington, D.C., serve as the central bank for the United States. 
The Federal Reserve Banks are collaborating with the industry on a multi-pronged initiative to implement strategies to improve the U.S. payment system. Notably, the Fed has established two industry task forces on faster payments and secure payments, providing a unique opportunity for diverse stakeholders to voice concerns, weigh in on alternatives and advance potentially sweeping improvements. Join a discussion with a Federal Reserve leader on the latest developments in the quest for faster, safer payments. Analyze the potential impact of the strategies being considered and consider how faster, safer payments solutions may change your organization’s approach to payments. This session will address compelling issues regarding payment system improvements on the horizon.

Key takeaways:


  • find out about the potential impact of NACHA’s Same-Day ACH initiative and the EMV implementation in the U.S.
  • get up-to-the-minute information on other solutions being considered by the industry task forces to improve the speed and safety of payments in the U.S.
  • find out how your organization can get involved in and stay informed about the Federal Reserve’s efforts to improve the speed and security of the U.S. payments system

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