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Providers Offering Product & Technology Demonstrations at the 2014 Annual Conference


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Product & Technology Demonstrations


The following providers will be offering Product & Technology Demonstrations this year. Check back often as our list grows! Providers: Learn more about our conference exhibit, demo and sponsorship opportunities, then contact to get started.

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Optimize Working Capital and Improve Payment Processes

BBVA Compass provides MasterCard® and Visa® branded corporate card solutions that help you achieve your strategic payments and working capital goals. By leveraging technology, our solutions provide you with payment reporting, expense management and control options that efficiently integrate with your accounting systems. Our commitment goes beyond implementation and includes ongoing consultation, training and long-term support to help you maximize your card program by utilizing Spend Net Navigator and Spend Net Payables.

As a result of attending this session, attendees will have a better understanding of the following:

  • Enhance Management and control of spending.
  • Access card transactions for daily, or even real time, analysis of expenditures.
  • Improve vendor management and consolidation.
  • Protect your business from losses that might be incurred through card misuse by an employee.
  • Optimize your card program with support for vendor enrollment.




Purchasing Card Transaction Monitoring by CaseWare Analytics: Building an Accountability Framework for Compliance, Risk and Controls

With the increasing adoption of enterprise P-Card programs, financial executives need assurance that Purchasing Card programs do not expose their organizations to unnecessary risk and revenue leakage. CaseWare’s solution for Purchasing Cards continuously monitors all transactions and identifies control exposures within purchasing card programs, such as split transactions, duplicate transactions and unauthorized cardholders. This approach to revenue protection trumps periodic audit sampling and eliminates all "blind spots" in your entire purchasing process (P-Cards, T&E, AP, etc.) by incorporating an automated workflow and collaborative remediation strategy that leaves no opportunity for issues to be concealed. Read more at:

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Improve Cash Flow and Gain Greater Control of Your Cash Position with Card Payables Payment Solutions.

Card Payables provides the ability to streamline accounts payable processes, improve reporting capabilities, reduce the risk of payment fraud, enable easier and faster payments to vendors, and reduce the amount of checks issued. This session will demonstrate how to manage vendors and payments through our Card Payables solution—a highly flexible, versatile and intuitive payables solution. Learn first-hand how Card Payables can help break down barriers to supplier acceptance of card payments, boost operational efficiency and power up your card program to accelerate growth.

As a result of attending this event, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify the key differences between fixed and dynamically changing Virtual Card
    Numbers (VCNs).
  • Understand drivers of "push” vs. pull payments.
  • Determine which method(s) of payment works best for your organization and meets the needs of your suppliers.

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    Turning Plastic into AP Gold—AP Automation using Buyer-Initiated Payments (BIP) Process

    Suppliers are often the overlooked stakeholders when buyers embark on a campaign to shift AP payments to P-Card, and this can handicap results. Turning P-Card plastic into AP Gold requires understanding the supplier’s objectives, so they have valid reasons to participate. The presentation will expose the obstacles to supplier acceptance of card payments and reveal the effective buyer, system and interchange strategies that result in the highest adoption rates. We will share a case study to illustrate best practices and lessons learned.

    Four Key Takeaways:

    • Understand BIP payments from the supplier’s perspective
    • Learn why suppliers say no to P-Card acceptance and how to overcome their objections
    • Identify effective implementation strategies with real-life examples from a new client
    • Prepare for interchange discussions and how to maximize your revenue share while reducing the acceptance cost to your suppliers

    Harness the Power of Corporate and Purchase Card Programs while Managing Risk and Abuse

    Global EDGE introduces its Encompas™ Corporate and Purchase Card Management Tool. The Encompas™ platform is comprehensive and flexible, providing access and customization according to your organization's Risk Management controls, goals and strategies. With no software or hardware to install or update, this intuitive platform provides the best of all worlds: the visibility to purchasing activity down to the employee level; user-defined reporting; and easy to use audit tools.

    The Encompas™ platform is built with advanced best-practices for expense management, card-usage analysis, and risk identification.

    Participants of the Purchase Card Risk Mitigation Demonstration will:

    1. Identify key areas for more comprehensive controls within your current purchase card program
    2. Evaluate current gaps which create key areas of organization risk today
    3. Distinguish key tools available to close key risk gaps
    4. Pinpoint individual activities which are outside acceptable policy controls within your organization
    5. Relate to key purchase card usage reporting and dashboards to escalate and identify risk

    NAPCP Alliance Partner Sponsor


    HSBC Mobile: Providing Anytime Access and Convenience for Card Program Management

    As mobile technology continues to improve, Corporate Card providers are adapting to the ever-changing environment by delivering smartphone capabilities for their online program management tools that support both the program administrators and cardholders. The session will provide a demonstration of HSBC’s mobile version of CardSight, our online program reporting and program management tool, and focus on the benefits of mobile accessibility for Corporate Card programs.As a result of attending this event, attendees will be able to:

    • understand how the Corporate Cards industry (specifically HSBC) is adapting to the changing standards for technology
    • understand that Corporate Card Program Administration can now be managed in any place at any time
    • be confident they have the tools they need to manage their card program 24/7
    • be secure in knowing improved technologies are providing peace of mind to Corporate Card clients



    NAPCP Silver Partner Sponsor


    Expand Control Without Sacrificing Effectiveness

    In this session, J.P. Morgan will explore how to best leverage your online program management tools to manage your program efficiently.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Overview of tools that improve program management effectiveness and promote use of preferred suppliers
    • Discussion of strategies that allow employees to easily allocate and reconcile expenses, and reduce your payment processing costs
    • Insight into data capabilities to monitor program performance and uncover expense management opportunities


    NAPCP Silver Partner Sponsor



    Automated Identification of Waste and Abuse

    This session focuses on best practices for automated monitoring of card programs to detect and prevent potential fraud, waste and abuse. The product demonstration will highlight why Oversight Insights On Demand is dramatically superior to audit sampling, and how policies and controls can be equally applied across the enterprise to quickly identify high risk and cost-reduction opportunities.

    In this demonstration, attendee will:

    • Learn which Insights are delivering the most value to program administrators, allowing them to inspect what they expect from their policies
    • Discover how to monitor 100% of transactions and deliver immediate, actionable insights that optimize and improve their organization’s card spend
    • Hear from Oversight customers and how they benefit from Insights On Demand


    NAPCP Silver Partner Sponsor

    Reducing Costs and Creating Efficiency in Accounts Payable through Automation and Workflow

    A/P Advantage provides the opportunity to realize savings and maximize efficiency through automation of the accounts payable process. Attendees will discover how PNC can provide a centralized location for invoice receipt, capture data from those invoices, and present images and data in a workflow tool that allows approvers to route invoices electronically and match to purchase orders. Determine your current cost per invoice and find out how you can achieve greater savings, efficiency, and captured discounts to transform your Accounts Payable department from a cost center to a profit center!

    In this demonstration, PNC will show you how to:

    • determine your current cost per invoice
    • achieve greater savings
    • maximize efficiency



    Why a Fully Integrated Payables Strategy Can Increase Cash Flow and Drive Significant Savings

    Optimizing your payment strategy can result in significant cost savings, better terms, and reduced processing errors. Even amid the aggressive belt-tightening of recent years, companies can extract unexpected value from their payables process. Many are under-leveraging payables options, including Commercial Cards, ePayables and network solutions as tools for cost control, pricing discounts, fraud mitigation, and float. In this session, attendees will learn how to find value from an integrated payables strategy across operations, how to analyze important suppliers, and maximize programs to positively impact cash flow.

    As a result of attending this event, attendees will be able to:

    • Identify new areas where payment alternatives, including Commercial Cards and network solutions can improve cash flow
    • Analyze suppliers to spot opportunities for integrated payments
    • Evaluate underleveraged opportunities
    • Explain how a Commercial Card program can integrate with other forms of payables

    NAPCP Alliance Partner Sponsor

    NAPCP Alliance Partner Sponsor



    Implementing a Card-Based Payment Solution for Greater Visibility into Payments Data

    This session demonstrates the collaboration of an issuing bank and buying organization in successfully implementing a card-based, ePayables solution to reduce costs and inefficiencies associated with manual paper payments, while improving working capital management. TSYS, a global provider of issuer services and merchant payment acceptance for credit, debit, prepaid, healthcare and business solutions, will demonstrate TSYS Automated Payments, an ePayables tool providing businesses an efficient means to pay suppliers while reducing costs and exposure to risk.

    As a result of this event, attendees will be able to:

    • implement an ePayables solution
    • explain the advantages of a card-based ePayables solution
    • communicate the advantages of card acceptance to suppliers
    • overcome suppliers’ objection to card acceptance

    NAPCP Silver Partner Sponsor


    Keep Moving Forward—How to Accelerate Momentum in Your Electronic Payments

    On the payments automation spectrum, is your organization bleeding edge, just starting or in-between? Most organizations now use electronic payments to some degree. Even so, paper checks still exceed 50% of business payments. Clearly, when it comes to optimizing electronic payment tools, there is still considerable room for growth. In this session, we’ll review the barriers thwarting progress and introduce you to the innovative tools from U.S. Bank that are tearing those barriers down.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Overcome technical challenges that keep buyers from getting started on epayments
    • Streamline the payment processing function to increase speed and efficiency
    • Reduce payment costs through payment automation


    NAPCP Alliance Partner Sponsor


    NAPCP Alliance Partner Sponsor

    Maximizing Your Program Potential when Going Global
    No matter who or how you pay, domestically or overseas, in U.S. dollars or local currencies, you need a card program that can provide you with a single expense management platform, and a team with multinational purchasing experience to help define the right capabilities for your global footprint. In this session, learn how to tailor a program for your unique business needs and help manage your foreign spending holistically.
    As a result of attending this event, you will:
    • gain a solid understanding of how a true international card program is defined
    • learn considerations and assumptions for choosing and implementing a global program, along with unexpected pitfalls to avoid
    • see how reporting is critical to the success of your international efforts
    • take steps toward developing a plan to manage your foreign spend using options that best support your business needs

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