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NAPCP Featured Member Archive

NAPCP Featured Member Archive 
NAPCP members help drive industry knowledge through continued engagement with the NAPCP and other NAPCP members. Their commitment to drive Commercial Card industry best practices and processes is like no other! Read below to hear more about our Featured Members from previous recognition months.


 April 2019

Denise Caissie, CPCP, GWCCM–Featured Member for April 2019

ProCard Administrator, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Denise is the ProCard administrator at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks (UAF). With over 11 years of procurement experience, and five years as the Purchasing Card program administrator, Denise is responsible for managing both the Purchasing and Travel Card programs at the UAF. She has overseen and participated in dramatic changes to the program during the last five years including implementation of a Single Use Account (SUA) program for the entire University of Alaska system, and the current implementation of a Corporate Travel Card system in conjunction with launching Concur for travel expense, and looks forward to expanding the program in the future. Denise obtained a Master’s Certificate in Government Contracting from the George Washington University in 2013, the Certified Purchasing Card Professional designation from the NAPCP in 2016 and became a member of the NAPCP Higher Education Advisory Team in 2016.

Denise also has made many valuable contributions to the NAPCP over the years, including a facilitator for the Virtual Roundtable, Reporting: Who, What, Where, When and How and a panelist on the CPCP panel during the 2017 NAPCP Annual Conference. 

1. What are you passionate about with your job?

This is a difficult question to answer, and I am going to sound really corny when I say it is my cardholders. But that is the truth. I tell my cardholders in their training that I am here for them, to help them get their jobs done in the most efficient way for everyone involved, while adhering to our policies and regulations. My cardholders know they can email, Google chat or pick up a phone to ask me questions, and while it can be daunting to deal with all of it, I really believe that it is one of the most important parts of my job. .

2. What are you most proud of about your job?

The customer service I provide for the cardholders on this campus.  As a one-person show, with 1,200 cardholders (and growing every day), it can be a very difficult thing to balance helping cardholders and the other tasks I still have to complete that aren’t related to the card program. I always feel rewarded when I have a cardholder tell me in person how much they appreciate the help they receive.  

3.Denise's current challenge:

We are currently in the midst of implementing a new travel expense tool, Concur, and an entirely new corporate paid Travel Card to use along with it. We have three different campuses all using the same cards, but my campus is the only one that has one administrator managing all the different card programs, while helping the travel team with training users on Concur and the new card usages. It will be great when it is done, but it is definitely a stressful process getting there.

4. What are you passionate about outside of work?

Outside of the office, I collect pretty paper and photos and pretend that I will actually put them together some day. Actually, I have a craft room devoted to scrapbooking and I love to spend a few hours in there assembling a layout and keeping the memories from my family alive in that way. Someday I would like to actually produce something that might get published in one of my favorite magazines (if those are still around by that time!)

5.Fun fact: 

The day the NAPCP Annual Conference starts in Miami is also my birthday! What an awesome present!

Program details: 

  • number of cards: 1,200
  • card products: Purchasing Card, Individual and corporate-paid Travel Cards (soon only Corporate), Single Use Accounts 
  • annual spend: $40 million 
  • annual number of transactions: 180,000
  • year program was established: 1996 
 March 2019

Terrence Wilson, CPA, MBA, CAPA–Featured Member for March 2019

Accounts Payable Operations & Compliance, Altria Client Services, LLC

Mr. Terrence Wilson serves as a sr. financial analyst for Altria, parent company to Philip Morris USA, which is headquartered in Richmond, VA. Mr. Wilson began his career as a staff auditor at KPMG. After three years in the public accounting field, Mr. Wilson sought to further sharpen his skills in accounting and finance by earning an MBA in 2004 from the College of William and Mary. Shortly thereafter, he began his tenure with Altria in the Corporate Audit department. Currently, he holds the position of sr. financial analyst in the Accounts Payable department, an area in which he has spent 10 years. One of his roles includes focusing on performing compliance auditing for the Company’s travel and entertainment expenses. 

1. What are you passionate about with your job? With reference to card programs, most of my time is spent analyzing and/or auditing some aspect of T&E expenses. My passion is finding new ways to analyze or audit my data so that it tells me a story that I might not have paid attention to in the past…while at the same time, not impacting or enhancing how our employee users feel about submitting expenses and adhering to our T&E policies.

2. What are you most proud of about your job?  The thing I am most proud of about my job is the flexibility. We’ve used some aspect of T&E expense reporting for a long time. But despite our maturity in this area, my management gives me freedom to change a process if I can show the benefit, and I always have support to enhance the process if I find a way to do things better. Another great thing about the T&E industry in general is that the T&E landscape continues to evolve as technological innovations make an impact, T&E systems get more sophisticated and artificial intelligence continues to become more of the norm.

3.Terrence's current challenge: The biggest challenge is allocating the proper time to analyze/audit data to its fullest. There are so many ways and tools to use to view massive amounts of data, but it’s difficult at times to implement new ways to analyze and audit this data due to limited resources.

4. What are you passionate about outside of work? Outside of work, I enjoy working out. Nothing makes me feel better than knowing I finished a good workout, whether it's lifting weights or going out for a jog.

5.Fun fact:  I’m coming upon my second anniversary of marriage in April so I’m ending (as people have told me) the "honeymoon" phase of the marriage. I can say thus far that marriage has been a rewarding experience for me as I learn more about my wife and even discover new things about myself. We shall see what the third year brings. 😊

Program details:  Our Company currently uses Concur as our T&E platform which houses approximately 3,800 cards, $39.5 million worth of T&E spend flow through our systems every year. From a Purchasing Card perspective, we have approximately. 400 P-Card holders that generate about $50 million of spend annually.  

 February 2019

Lynn Moreira, CPCP–Featured Member for February 2019

Purchasing Card Administrator, The Regional Municipality of Peel, Ontario, Canada

 Lynn has close to 38 years of public sector procurement experience having worked for municipal governments including the City of Vaughan, the Region of Halton and the Region of Peel. For 23 of those years, she was responsible for procuring goods and services required by the various program areas  including health services, public works, police and social services, just to name a few. An opportunity arose about 15 years ago to work in a more administrative capacity where P-Card administration was only a very small part of her job responsibilities. Since then, our P-Card program has grown substantially and she is now the Purchasing Card administrator.      

1. What are you passionate about with your job? I am a great believer in communication and education. The last thing we want is for cardholders to feel uneasy about using their P-Cards. After all, we want the program to grow! Although cardholders and their supervisors are required to take mandatory e-Learning training, there are always questions. We offer small group training sessions to review key points regarding P-Card use and to provide staff with an opportunity to ask questions. The most important thing for me, however, is to build a rapport with staff so that they feel free to contact me or my associate to ask questions. In turn, they tend to use their P-Cards more and become more confidently.      

2. What are you most proud of about your job?    I am proud of a few things. First, when I assumed P-Card Program responsibilities, the annual P-Card spend was somewhat flat, so we went to work on finding ways to augment P-Card use and increase the spend. Since 2008, we have managed to double our P-Card spend through a few initiatives such as increasing limits on P-Cards and implementing P-Card payment on contracts. The second thing I am most proud of is our customer service. We have been told by staff on many occasions that the P-Card team is so responsive and helpful. I know how important customer service is to me and want to ensure we provide that level of service to staff. It helps our cause to support our cardholders.

3. Lynn's current challenge:   Our current challenge is not having automation or technology in place to support growth initiatives. Our needs will eventually be addressed, but it will take time as other corporate initiatives are taking precedence. In the meantime, our processes and audits are very manual in nature because we are dealing with a paper-based system. Allocations are performed in our ERP system but the paper statement and receipts are manually routed for signing and sent for retention. As a result, we are spending much of our time chasing paperwork and our audits take more time. We look forward to the day when everything is online, and we can produce reports to detect non-compliance especially when we want to optimize P-Card use here at the Region of Peel.          

4. What are you passionate about outside of work? The most important thing to me is family. I come from a large family and enjoy having gatherings to keep everyone connected. I am a foodie, so I love to research and test out new recipes. I am also an animal lover and am the proud parent of three adorable rescue cats.

5.  Fun fact:  I am married to a wonderful man and we are blessed to have a son. I met my husband at a ski club dance. The funny thing is that neither one of us skis. We do, however, love to dance. We just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary and my husband surprised me with a two-week trip to Italy. It was absolutely beautiful and so very memorable.  I also love to sing and joke that one day he’ll have to take me to the Alps so that I can test out my yodeling skills.   

Program details:  We currently have 920 P-Cards issued to our cardholders and 191 Fuel Cards assigned to our ambulances. We also utilize Ghost Cards on some of our contracts. The P-Cards are used to pay for goods and services as well as travel, food and accommodation expenses. In 2018, we spent close to $19 million and our provider is the US Bank of Canada. Our program has grown year over year since 2008, and we expect that this trend will continue.

 January 2019

Larry Coffey, CPCP–Featured Member for January 2019

Regional Category Manager–Indirect, Linde North America Inc.

The NAPCP kicks off 2019 with Larry Coffey as Featured Member. Larry is the longest tenured member of the Purchasing Card Professional Credential Council (PCPCC), joining the Council in time to add some finishing touches to the popular Purchasing Card Essentials book, now on version 3. When the NAPCP set its sights on going global, Managing Director Diane McGuire considered Larry the "go-to" guy and someone who is always willing to share his expansive knowledge. Read more about Larry in his impressive professional bio and interview below:

Over 30 years of progressive procurement and management experience ranging from indirect materials and services, chemicals, electronic systems, component parts and strategic outsourcing. Proven abilities to lead cross-functional teams, negotiate contracts, develop long-term commodity strategies, utilize e-sourcing and e-commerce tools, manage working capital and develop total cost analysis. 

Over 15 years of experience in Commercial Card programs for several large enterprise industrial and medical device companies. Instrumental in the early adoption of ePayables solutions as a significant savings tool. Experienced in development of a Global Commercial Card program with one of the largest programs in the manufacturing sector. Fifteen year membership in the NAPCP including 12 years as a Professional Certification Council member.

Career military officer serving 21 years in the United States Navy. Holds an MBA from University of Georgia.

1. What are you passionate about with your job?

I have always been passionate about being a procurement professional. There is no other profession that offers such opportunity to contribute to the success of the company, with the fruits of your efforts going directly to the bottom-line. I take great pride in being able to negotiate fairly with our vendors and try to always achieve a win-win scenario for both parties. I love being able to lead and develop younger procurement folks while at the same time learning new techniques and ideas from them.

2. What are you most proud of about your job? 

My pride in my job comes from many avenues. I have been very successful in achieving significant savings for the companies that employed me. I am well-respected at work by my colleagues who often see me as the go-to guy. I have employees who have complimented me to my wife and family as the best boss they ever had. Hard to not view that with pride.

3. Larry's current challenge:

The current challenge is that our company has been going through a divestiture and merger for the past 12 months. We are getting to the end of the process, but it has required us to remain focused on generating savings while at the same time splitting all of our systems in two. Our Commercial Credit Card program has become instrumental in getting us through the system shutdowns, but will have to be rebuilt after the merger into something even better.

4. What is your favorite part of being part of PCPCC?

I have been on the Council for 12 years. I learned a lot from my colleagues and fellow council members, specifically Dave Tyson, a mentor and the person who encouraged me to join the council. Our proudest moments were in developing Purchasing Card Essentials, where I was able to contribute a small part in its creation. My favorite part is often fielding various questions from those seeking the CPCP credential and trying to maintain the integrity of the credential program.

5. What advice do you have for those interested in pursuing the CPCP credential?

I learned more about Commercial Cards during my pursuit of the CPCP than any of my professional jobs would have afforded me. It gave me the knowledge to be viewed as an expert in the field with my own organizations and also with other companies who have called on me for reference calls, participation in conferences or speaker panels.

Click here to learn more about the Certified Purchasing Card Professional (CPCP) credential.

6. What are you passionate about outside of work?

Outside of work I have many passions, but primarily I have focused on two of these: 1) bike riding for charity and 2) woodworking. I have been riding in annual long-distance charity rides for Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Cancer, ALS and Juvenile Diabetes for over 15 years raising over $25,000 from colleagues and friends. Woodworking is a recent hobby-passion in the last few years starting with small DIY pieces to building furniture for our home and for others. I am continually taking classes to perfect my craft and see myself doing this for a very long time.

7.Fun fact: 

I am married to my high-school sweetheart after an absence of 28 years. I joined the U.S. Navy right out of high school, and after traveling all over the world, reunited with her post-9/11 through a website. We married about two years later and just celebrated our 15-year anniversary. She remains the love of my life! We raised two great kids, one who will follow in my footsteps in the Supply Chain & Procurement field after graduation from Penn State University. Probably a result of many dinner-table conversations.

Program details: 

Current program is with a large industrial gas manufacturer and includes approximately 2,000 P-Cards, Virtual Card program, Dedicated-Supplier Cards and customized HR candidate cards. We use an automated transaction monitoring system that monitors our P-Cards and our T&E cards with a different provider. Our T&E program has over 4,000 Travel Cards, Meeting Cards, and integrated Travel Management and Expense Tool. Total P-Card program is $110 million. JP Morgan is the provider. T&E program is with American Express and has a value of $120 million.

December 2018 
Lesley Lackore, CPCP – Featured Member for December 2018

Card Services Manager, Iowa State University 

Lesley Lackore serves as card services manager for procurement services at Iowa State University, with 18 years of experience in Purchasing Card program and procurement systems administration. Lesley is a graduate of ISU, earning a BLS with emphasis in business and communication. In 2006, she earned the designation of Certified Purchasing Card Professional (CPCP) from the NAPCP. A member of the NAPCP Higher Education Advisory Team, Lesley earned the NAPCP Community Champion Award in 2016 for her contributions in leading that team. As a speaker and facilitator at NAPCP national and regional meetings, the Cards and Payments on Campus conference, and regional meetings of the National Association of Educational Procurement, Lesley has presented on topics such as eProcurement, P-Card fraud and misuse, study abroad card programs, evaluation and focus groups, and effective communication. Read more about Lesley in the interview below:

1. What are you passionate about with your job?

  The procurement process at a public institution of higher education with an emphasis on research can be daunting, and our card services team is ready to assist faculty, researchers and staff with our card programs, but also when a card is not the right choice. Maintaining a close working relationship with our cardholders and system reconcilers has allowed me to be their voice in management decision making. I have had the opportunity to influence both program and system programming decisions over the last 18 years, seeking input from our customers through various means including surveys, email feedback, and focus and pilot groups. 

2. What are you most proud of about your job?

Our card programs impact Iowa State faculty, staff and students close to 200,000 times a year–whether it’s pizza for a student event, a centrifuge for scientific research through eProcurement, or airline tickets for the athletic department. The customer service our card services team provides to campus is many employees’ day-to-day interaction with procurement services. Keeping our card programs and online systems up and running is job one.

3. Lesley's current challenge:

Iowa State’s implementation of Workday, set for go live in July 2019, is bringing not only systems changes to the university, but also policy changes affecting both procurement and travel. ISU will be implementing corporate-liability travel and expense cards and an ePayables program at the same time, which will require a realignment of commodities allowed on Purchasing Card to match Workday reconciliation processes.

4. What are you passionate about outside of work?

Outside of work, I am a passionate advocate for music education–I would not be able to do the job I do today without learning to perform in front of an audience. I believe singing is for everyone, and I am privileged to make that happen as the director of a small church choir and performing with a local concert choir.  I also have a lot of cats.

5. Fun fact:

I have performed with choirs at Carnegie Hall, the Moscow Conservatory, the Academy of Music in Philadelphia, and the Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts outside of Washington, D.C.. As the tour manager for the Iowa State Singers on our trip to Poland and the USSR in 1989, I had to negotiate with the Soviet Consul to Poland in Warsaw to get a visa for one of our students!

Program details:

  • Number of cards: ~4,000
  • Card Products: Purchasing Card, eProcurement Ghost Cards
    • Coming soon: Corporate Card, ePayables
  • Annual spend: >$72 million
  • Annual number of transactions: ~200,000
  • Year program was established: 1997
 November 2018

Christine Wertz, CPCP–Featured Member for November 2018

Purchasing Card Coordinator, Harford County Public Schools

The P-Card story began for Harford County Public Schools (HCPS) in the summer of 2000 when the CFO informed Christine Wertz that HCPS would begin utilizing a P-Card program and she would manage it.Although it was a brand-new concept for the district, and a little frightening for Christine to consider a project of this scope, the program was implemented successfully in about six months.

Over the years, the P-Card program has evolved in many ways and Christine has been managing each step.When the program began, the district was not only concerned about providing cards to employees to make purchasing easier, but also ensuring that the process was the most cost-effective way to make purchases. Furthermore, transparency of purchases was vital and available with P-Card purchases.Read more aboutChristinein the interview below:


1.What are you passionate about with your job? Outside of work?

There isn’t one specific element in the job that I am passionate about but rather a combination of the many roles I get to play each day. The job provides a lot of variety and the opportunity to work with so many different individuals.In any given day, I am the program manager, analyst, auditor, budget/finance resource, customer service representative, trainer, and hopefully, friend to all stakeholders.

It is exciting to work in the P-Card arena as the jobs are in a unique, niche industry.Although P-Card programs have been around for a while, it is still a distinct career path.This path provides opportunities to constantly learn new things and grow professionally.

2.What are you most proud of about your job?

I am most proud of the fact that the program has been successful for HCPS for so many years.Audits of the program occur at the federal, state, legislative and internal level on a constant basis, and the program remains solid and retains its integrity.

I am also proud to be a member of NAPCP’s K-12/Government Advisory Team.I have participated in the Process-Cost Analysis in 2012 and 2015 and have presented at the national conference as an individual and as part of the Advisory Team’s presentations. I have learned so much from being a member of this group, and this knowledge has translated into benefits for my program with HCPS.

3.Christine's current challenge:

HCPS is in the process of changing providers.This is the third provider in the history of the program. The biggest challenge is simultaneously managing two separate card products, all while accomplishing “business as usual.” However, even with the challenges faced in switching providers, it is invigorating to accomplish and implement something new and different!

4. What are you passionate about outside of work?

Outside of work, I am passionate about the great outdoors. I love nature and feel energized when I am pursuing any outdoor activity. In the winter, I am an avid skier and have been fortunate to ski in 12 states and British Columbia. In the warmer months, I cycle, hike and kayak.

5.Fun fact:

I am the youngest of 14 children.Oh, the funny stories I could tell about being raised in such a large family…😊

Program details:

  • Number of cards: ~550
  • Annual spend: >$13 million
  • Annual number of transactions: 39,000
  • Year program was established: 2000

October 2018 

Adam Smith – Featured Member for October 2018

Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation

Adam is a senior program manager who has been with Microsoft for the past seven years. He has managed Procure to Pay applications, business engagement and payment solutions. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Adam resides in Seattle, Washington. He attended Bryant University in Rhode Island where he studied Management and Finance. Read more about Adam in the interview below:

1. What are you passionate about with your job? Outside of work?

I love being able to make a tangible difference in our employees day-to-day task–either simplifying the end-to-end buying process or increasing productivity while traveling. In the P2P space, cards (both plastic and virtual) can drive a positive measurable outcome in value to the organization.  Outside of work, my time is spent with family and friends.

2. What are you most proud of about your job? 

Our ability to positively influence the business to increase time to market while mitigating risk. Our leadership enables creative thinking and flexibility to try new approaches to complex challenges.

3. Adam's current challenge:

Integrating a strategy leveraging card into a preexisting discounting process. 

4. Fun fact: 

I was raised on an island, and I played NCAA lacrosse.

Program details: 

  • Card count: 88,000 across 96 markets
  • Card products: Corporate Card, Meeting Card, Virtual Payment 
  • Annual number of transactions: 17,000
  • Current provider: American Express
 September 2018

Marie-Christine Bonin – Featured Member for September 2018

Senior Expense Accounting Specialist

Marie-Christine joined Mentor Graphics in 2009 as part of the HR expense accounting and Concur Support team. They support over 7,000 employees in 32 countries. Previously, Marie-Christine held different roles in the software and hardware industry. Marie-Christine has tenured experience in customer service, order fulfillment and finance. In Mentor Graphics, she has been part of the Concur implementation project and more recently, played a key role in driving the European T&E card implementation forward.

NAPCP end-user members who would like to connect with Marie-Christine, feel free to do through her NAPCP profile. Read more about Marie-Christine in the interview below:

1. What are you passionate about with your job? Outside of work?

In my current position where I administer our expense reporting and T&E card programs, I love the fact that the role is broad, with many complexities and challenges, and I am given the opportunity to contribute to the success of the organization. I’m involved in the expense accounting process and reporting/analytics, which gives me visibility of the impact of our area on the company’s results. Since my team supports employees and managers in all regions of the world, it brings diversity to my world and keeps me open-minded and learning new things every day.  Outside of work, I am passionate about nature and animals. I love outdoor activities. I also have a keen interest for sciences, and data science in particular. I have just completed a Prof. Diploma in Data Analytics with University College Dublin. This is a direction I’m interested to pursue, with possible applications for the Commercial Card area (fraud detection, etc), finance and more general business analytics.

2. What are you most proud of about your job? 

The expertise gained over the eight years in this varied role, and the tangible value each aspect of the job brings to the company. I am part of a very cohesive and experienced team of three, looking after our ~7,000 employees worldwide. We always strive to evolve and adopt the most efficient approaches for our processes and tools we use.  As part of my employee-facing role, I provide support to my colleagues worldwide and help them spend as little time as possible on expense reporting and card account management. It makes a big difference in our employees’ experience of business travel. My back-office role involves monitoring and maintaining oversight of the expenses going through our systems, carrying out targeted audits, expense analytics and month-end reporting, maintaining our tools, keeping the configurations up to date and the processes running smoothly. Getting the positive feedback from employees I’ve helped, keeping our programs optimized and seeing the number of exceptions/corrections going down on the expenses is very rewarding!

3. Marie-Christine's current challenge:

We have been acquired by a company much larger than us recently (Siemens). There is a lot of work to be done to compare and align our processes, and move to a unified way of handling expense reporting and card programs. I also expect the use of analytics to become more and more relevant to manage a larger program efficiently.

4. Fun fact: 

I live in a household with three different languages spoken daily, and I have managed to keep my sanity! I am originally from France and speak French to my children. Their Dad is originally from Germany and also speaks his native tongue with them. We speak English to each other since we met here in Ireland. Our two children usually speak English with each other, but they sometimes switch to Gaelic (Irish–which they learn at school) if they don’t want either of us to understand! 

Program details: 

  • Card count: 300 
  • Annual spend, CY2017: $1,531,000 or EUR 1,361,000
  • Annual number of transactions: 17,000
  • Current provider: CitiBank
 August 2018

Bill Meekins, CPPB, CSBO, CPCP – Featured Member for August 2018

Purchasing Agent, Procurement Card Supervisor

Other than a brief stint as a lifeguard one summer, with 20 years of K-12 experience under his belt, Bill is a career Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) employee, starting in Accounts Payable and joining the Purchasing team as a purchasing agent III and Procurement Card supervisor in 2003. He has been a Certified Public Purchasing Buyer (CPPB) since 2008, a Certified School Board Officer (CSBO) since 2017 and a Certified Purchasing Card Professional (CPCP) since 2007. Bill joined the NAPCP in 2006 and has served on the NAPCP Government/K-12 Advisory team since 2013. He took over the FCPS P-Card program, in its infancy in 2003, grew the program from $100K to $13MM in annual spend, and implemented an electronic reconciliation process and ePayables solution in 2011. Did he forget declining balance cards? Nope, they are in use as well! Bill can often be seen at the NAPCP Annual Conference wearing a brightly colored shirt, unless the room is too cold, in which case he can be found wearing a sweater. He is more than willing to discuss any topic that comes into play, and tries to find a spot of humor in every situation. If you see this outgoing introvert, stop by and say, "Hi!".  Read more about Bill in the interview below:

1. What are you passionate about with your job? Outside of work? 

Problem solving! Hand me a puzzle or project, and I’m off to the races. Being in Purchasing provides many opportunities to scratch that itch. Finding the answer, or achieving a solution is satisfying, especially if it can save the school system money. I like finding efficiencies, and I really try to focus on what can be done to make the workload easier on our end-users. 

Outside work, I like to get active: obstacle races, ropes courses, roller coasters, anything that gets you up and moving. I love to swim and am a certified SCUBA diver. You can also find the family at the local renaissance festivals. Huzzah!

2. What are you most proud of about your job? 

I’m most proud of our online reconciliation system. Working with my Tech team, we designed an interface in our ERP, PeopleSoft, which allows our users to reconcile inside the ERP. Transactions are uploaded daily into the system directly from Mastercard. Each transaction gets a unique document number. Users can attach their backup directly to the transaction, change account strings, split code and write comments. Once saved, the transaction enters a workflow approval process. Once fully approved, the system automatically creates the journal entries. What is the best part? We can change providers at any time and the end-users never need to learn another software program.

In addition, the system contains all of our cardholder data. We can file any necessary documents, findings, or emails directly into the cardholder section of the database. No file cabinets necessary…except the one that holds the new cards awaiting pickup.

3. Bill's current challenge: 

In addition to supervising the P-Card program and handling bids and RFPs as a Purchasing agent, I have been appointed the project manager for our PeopleSoft 8.8 to 9.2 Financials upgrade.  We started in February 2018 and are scheduled to go-live in February 2019.   

4. Fun Fact: 

My family and I were contestants on the Nickelodeon game show Family Double Dare. Do a quick Google search for Red Rascals vs. Freeloaders and enjoy!

Program Details: 

  • Card count: 520
  • Annual spend, FY2018: $13MM
  • Annual number of transactions, FY 2018: 35,000
  • Current provider: J.P. Morgan
July 2018
JoAleen Ainslie – Featured Member for July 2018

Manager, Accounts Payable & Procurement Card

JoAleen has often been described as a passionate visionary and innovator—who loves the question, "Why not?" She is a believer in lifelong learning for both business and pleasure. She has an intense interest in human psychology, worldwide cultures, religions, history and current events—all of which translates to her love of the Procurement Card and commercial payment industry. This has paid off as evidenced by her recent promotion from management analyst II, Procurement Card program manager to management analyst III, Procurement Cards & Accounts Payable manager. She is currently tasked with expanding the City of Tacoma’s card program exponentially through its new P2P eProcurement/eInvoicing platform that went live May 22, 2017.

Her career contains many milestones in this chosen field, which includes frequently serving as a contributor to white papers and articles, and presenter, panelist and facilitator at supplier outreach sessions, conferences and forums for various organizations (NAPCP, NIGP, NLC and Washington State to name a few). She has an extensive background ranging from being a private credit collections firm partner, the manager of the Office of Student Accounts at a private business college, to finance, procurement and payables for many years in the K-12 environment where she was exposed to Commercial Cards as their very first coordinator. This fueled her passion for this industry, which resulted in moving to the City of Tacoma to expand their program. She credits her success in this arena to her long-time, valuable membership in the NAPCP since 2002. She loves storytelling, and even more, hearing other folks' stories—just ask a few of the NAPCP members who waited in line for a table at past conferences. She is a proud and loud Seattle Seahawks and Sounders fan. She has converted her kids, grandkids and great grandkids to that end, all of whom love to watch football and soccer at Grandma Jo’s house.

JoAleen has made numerous contributions to NAPCP over the years. She is part of the Government/K-12 Advisory Team, has spoken at several NAPCP Annual Conferences and is a content superhero. Examples of her contributions include: Communication Language to Use When Corresponding With Suppliers Who SurchargePersonal Professional Development in a P-Card World Key to Your Program's Success!, and inputs into the Cost Savings: Purchasing Cards vs. Traditional Purchase Orders in the Government Sector report. Read more about JoAleen in the interview below:

1. What are you passionate about with your job? Outside of work? I love the challenges. The fact that it is never boring is the biggest plus. The very nature of this "beast" attracts me because it is all about seeing/sharing a vision then building from the foundation upward using rapidly changing technology, genuine relationships and keeping abreast of requirements. I have always been curious about how things work and what makes people tick. I have found curiosity is a great asset if one wants to be successful in this field! I am extremely fortunate because here at the City I am encouraged to follow this passion and have a terrific team with whom to do it. I am an ardent fan of music and dance, especially live music. In fact, I must get my live music fix at least once a month. It is balm for my soul for sure. I enjoy spending time with my grandkids and great grand kids (one at a time). I take them to all ages music venues, soccer and Seahawk football games. Watching the little ones mesmerized by music and learning new things is a beautiful thing to behold. It certainly keeps me young at heart.

2. What are you most proud of about your job? The continued growth and evolution of the program, especially the support I receive from upper management and my team of direct reports. They are committed to continuous improvement and are not afraid to brainstorm about innovations for both cards and AP processes. I just received my certification for completing the City of Tacoma’s Continuous Improvement Advocates program, which entailed putting together and facilitating a project to solve a specific problem involving AP billing process and card use. I will now be eligible to assist client departments with their own issues.

3. JoAleen's current challenge: I am the business project manager for our card software upgrade and ePayables implementation that is scheduled to begin June 4. It started out as a project to not only upgrade our card reconciliation software but also to open more avenues of integration into our new P2P eProcurement/eInvoicing system for no-release (non-PO) contracts and CIF catalog vendors. The P2P structure has been unable to integrate cards for no-release (non-PO) contracts and CIF catalog vendors, which represent a large volume of current suppliers with contract card payment terms. The project was approved for the 2017-2018 biennium budget. We also planned to implement ePayables in 2020 and requested funding for it. At the beginning of May, we were denied due to budget constraints which included a mandate to reduce our budget by 4 percent for the 2019-2020 biennium. This meant any improvements involving technology would have to come out of the current budget. The big hurdle was could we change the project direction and scope to include ePayables this late in the game (two weeks before project start). With my supervisor’s support, I decided to investigate. I contacted all project stakeholders plus researched ePayables compatibility with our P2P structure. After completing an in-depth analysis of current spend, what could be transferred to card spend via ePayables and whether or not the bank could assign a tech team this quickly, the bank is onboard; the AP optimization report provided; broke the project into phase 1 & 2, with ePayables as phase 2. My results showed we could replace the Ariba P2P project integration piece by adopting ePayables as both a payment term and method via FTP channel in SAP. By setting up our P2P vendors with EPAY terms, there won’t need to be any card integration since all payments flow from SAP and will be reconciled in Xponential. To me, the budget reduction was a blessing in disguise because it provided the opportunity to implement ePayables immediately with no additional funding required, PLUS, based on the analysis, just a 5 percent transferred budgeted spend to EPAY by the end of this year will generate enough bank incentive to cover the 4 percent budget shortfall for the next biennium. 

4. Fun Fact: I have been asked for my autograph several times since my late teens. Why? Because I resembled Jane Fonda. One of the most recent times was at our NAPCP Atlanta conference. I was on a walk passing Ted Turner’s restaurant when a group of folks coming out decided I was Jane and thought I was denying it to avoid giving an autograph! I showed them my ID and we all had a great laugh about it. 

Program Details: 

  • Card count: 1,043 (grown from 650 in 2008)
  • Annual spend from 2017: $19,918,478.21
  • Average quarterly file turn: Consistently under 15 days  
  • Current provider: US Bank/VISA
June 2018

Elizabeth Mozley–Featured Member for June 2018

Corporate Supply Management

As part of Sonoco’s Supply Management group, Elizabeth Mozley is responsible for developing and implementing strategy for Commercial Card, travel and temporary labor. Elizabeth joined Sonoco in 2013, managing the ePayables onboarding strategy and quickly moved into managing the Commercial Card program, as well as other categories focusing on productivity, working capital, process improvement and standardization. She sits on the advisory board for Sonoco’s Commercial Card provider and is a frequent speaker about Sonoco’s diverse card program at various card conventions. In her combined role of being the domestic travel manager and global card owner, Elizabeth is one of the leaders in Sonoco’s current mission to globalize all aspects of travel. Elizabeth is an avid tennis player and soccer mom! Read more about Elizabeth in the interview below:

1. What are you passionate about with your job? Outside of work? As category manager, my role is focused on the strategy and process improvement for services that support Sonoco employees and enable productivity–whether through acquiring goods and services, paying for those goods and services or travel. I am passionate about process improvement and optimization. By utilizing the feedback from my customers, which are my fellow Sonoco employees, I can better manage my suppliers to ensure they provide quality service, products and efficient processes. Outside of work, I am passionate about my family and spending time with them. We like to plan vacations together, whether it is a “staycation” or somewhere far from home.

2. What are you most proud of about your job? Each year, Sonoco Supply Management hosts a supplier summit, where our suppliers are invited to come and hear from Sonoco business leaders and executives on what is important and where we are headed. I successfully led and organized the largest Sonoco Supplier Business Conference in May 2017, hosting over 400 attendees, from eight different countries. Over the course of two days, we entertained and hosted the largest contingency of suppliers from around the world and raised a record amount of proceeds, which were donated to local diversity groups.

3. Elizabeth's current challenge: Sonoco is a company that is diverse in both its products and people. Several of Sonoco businesses were acquired through acquisition and we have recently had multiple, large acquisitions.  It is challenging to bring in a new company and deliver standardization. Acquisitions bring the need to standardize processes, which creates challenges but most importantly, it creates opportunities.

4. Fun Fact: I enjoy playing tennis and traveling to warm, sunny places with my family.

Program Details:

  • 3,000 physical cards, 300 ePayables Virtual Cards and 140,000 Virtual eProcurement Cards
  • Sonoco utilizes Virtual Cards for eProcurement, travel and emergency purchase cards
  • Sonoco has card programs in the United States, Canada, Europe and Singapore, and is moving into Mexico this year
Commercial Card Manager of the Year 2018 Commercial Card Provider of the Year 2018

Chad Robison,  CPCP

Chad is the Purchasing Card & Virtual Card program manager for Intermountain Healthcare. His programs support 8,000 cardholders and are made up of $62 million annual spend for P-Card and $245 million annual spend for Virtual Cards.He recently spearheaded the Request For Proposal process of selecting a new card issuer, combining both P-Card and Travel with one provider. Through his approachable demeanor, he has earned the respect of his colleagues and NAPCP community. Chad earned his Certified Purchasing Card Professional credential in 2016. A few of his NAPCP contributions include:

  • breakout session presenter at several annual conferences where his added creativity enhanced their popularity
  • roundtable facilitator where he is always willing to provide networking feedback
  • according to past session evaluations, Chad offered innovative ideas and great strategies
  • webinar presenter

Greg Domaracki, Vice President, Senior Product Manager, PNC Bank

With over 38 years of corporate Treasury Management experience, Greg currently supports product development and client acquisition activities within PNC’s Commercial Card Services Group. Greg has worked with a variety of service partners to integrate solutions designed to enhance Commercial Card usage including customizable program auditing tools and mobile wallet payment capabilities for PNC’s Commercial Card portfolio. Greg has also been awarded three patents from the US Patent and Trademark Office for development of technology solutions specific to accounts payable processing. A few of Greg’s contributions to the NAPCP include:

  • membership with NAPCP for nine years
  • managing PNC's participation in the NAPCP annual conference since 2010
  • coordination of PNC’s Silver Partnership and sponsorship of NAPCP conference general sessions for five consecutive years
  • organizing a PNC sponsored regional forum and virtual events
  • supporting several educational and provider demonstration sessions at annual conferences
 March 2017

Becky Holcombe–Featured Member for March 2018

Team Lead, P-Card and Expense Reports

Southern Company Services 

An obvious choice for our first featured member is Becky Holcombe. Permit us a moment of nostalgiaBecky was present at the first NAPCP advisory meeting held in Atlanta in December 1999. The meeting was the first time the concept of the NAPCP was presented to the industry. Becky was an early advocate and cheerleader.

Eighteen years later, Becky is still an advocate for the industry. She began her program in 1994 with 80 cards. The program has grown to over 20,500 cards. During her tenure, Becky has survived four provider conversions, consolidation, an acquisition, multiple expense reporting system changes, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) controls and annual audits! She was a popular and highly rated speaker at the 2017 annual conference where her topic was Level 3 Data Review. Another topic Becky is passionate about is the use of Purchasing Card during disaster recovery.   

Becky Holcombe is a team Leader with Southern Company Services overseeing the P-Card program and the auditing of expense reports to ensure compliance. She also performs continuous monitoring of all reports by use of keywords and Level 3 data review. She has been employed with Southern Company for 40 years. Becky has been on the NAPCP Member committee and participated in developing the CPCP exam. She has been a Certified Purchasing Card Professional since its inception. Becky has presented at several accounting and Purchasing Card conferences on various topics including: the Use of a Purchasing Card During a Disaster Without Losing Control of Your Policies, Controlled Purchasing Card Chaos During a Consolidation, How to Effectively Manage a 15,000+ Purchasing Card Program and Level 3 Data, and You Thought You Couldn’t Get Caught. Read more about Becky in the interview below:


1. Achievement Becky is most proud of: The achievement that I am most proud of is assisting storm crews. When a disaster strikes and power is out, getting power back on as quickly as possible is critical. Adding the P-Card as a part of our company storm disaster plan, working with our P-Card provider to eliminate declines and ensuring that the card works whenever, however, and for as much money as they need has been a true work in progress. Our storm crews are recognized around the country and even now in Puerto Rico. This makes me proud to know that I am a part of this.

2. Becky’s current challenge: The biggest challenge that I have is not enough time!

3. Fun fact: I have six grandsons (no granddaughters) ranging in age from 2 to 21. When the P-Card business was in its infancy, not as many people attended the conferences. My 21-year-old grandson was not yet in school, so he would usually go to the conferences with us. He has grown up with the P-Card business and is much more knowledgeable about credit cards and fraud than his 21-year-old friends.

Program Details:

  • 18,000 cards
  • One Card Program
  • 1 million transactions annually
  • $200 million annual spend
  • Program began in October 1999

Commercial Card Manager of the Year 2017 Commercial Card Provider of the Year 2017 

Jason Hoo-Fatt, CPA, CPCP

Jason is the Corporate Card administrator of Weill Medical College of Cornell University. He manages a program that has annual spend of over $50 million. Jason earned his CPA and the CPCP in 2016. He was recently promoted to senior internal auditor at Cornell University. A few of his contributions to the NAPCP include:

  • Active member of the Higher Education Advisory Team (HEAT)
  • Served on the Content Sub-Committee
  • Virtual Roundtable facilitator
  • Webinar presenter
  • Facilitated roundtables at NAPCP Annual Conferences
  • Panelist at the 2017 NAPCP Annual Conference

Dave Minier, CPCP

Dave is an executive director for J.P. Morgan and Chase Commercial Card. Dave has over 25 years in the card industry and has proven skills in revenue generation and program optimization through development of effective program performance tools. A few of his contributions to the NAPCP include: 

  • Active member of the Higher Education Advisory Team (HEAT)
  • Virtual Roundtable facilitator
  • Author of a 2016 white paper on Program Audit Topics and Fraud Prevention
  • Co-author of a 19-page report on Benchmarking/Reporting
  • Speaker at the 2017 NAPCP Annual Conference


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