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Rachele Caturano,  Director, Finance, Kronos Incorporated

Featured Member for April 2020

Rachele Caturano is a Director Finance, GPO AP and T&E, at Kronos Incorporated, a global workforce management and human capital management company. With 12 years of risk advisory, control assessment and audit experience and four years as a global process owner, Rachele oversees accounts payable, T&E expense reporting and the card program (Travel, P-Card, Virtual Payables). Rachele is responsible for process improvement initiatives designed to gain efficiencies, cut costs and increase revenue. Further, Rachele is responsible for globalization and standardization of key finance processes in these areas.

What are you passionate about with your job?

I am passionate about 1) building standardized, scalable processes and as a result the team can engage in more value-add tasks, allowing them to have a great experience working for Kronos; 2) challenging how things are done and challenging suggestions for how things should be donetaking perceived best practice "with a grain of salt"; 3) empowering people and acknowledging their commitment and contributions to the goals of the organization; 4) improving myself by building strong collaborative relationships with people from other departments and learning from them; overall, if we can keep learning every day and have more of an appreciation for how other groups operate, we will in turn be in a better position to serve everyone’s needs, solve problems, and improve the organization as a whole; 5) helping others and supporting our global finance services team; 6) making people feel good about themselves, making them laugh and letting them know I care 7) helping people be just as passionate about all of the above!

What are you most proud of about your job?

I am proud of the relationships I have built through collaboration and trust. And I am most proud about the fact that I have always been, and continue to be, myself.

Rachele's current challenge:

Selecting the right solution to achieve our goals of automation and efficiency. And prioritizing. There is so much we can do to automate and focus on for process improvement, however, our world is heavily transactional and plagued with audits and requests for data to support other team’s initiatives. Its challenging to dedicate the time and resources to engage in all the initiatives and push forward toward our goals.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

Taking care of myself and helping others. If I feel good about myself, that confidence has a direct effect on my personal and professional life. Regarding helping others, I have a bleeding heart. I am always trying to help people and fix their situations.

Fun fact: 

I was a surrogate for a family who was struggling to have a child. Back in 2015 as some of my friends and coworkers were turning 40 and getting botox and vowing to get in the best shape of their life in preparation for 40, I started to think about what I wanted to do for 40. I decided that I didn’t want to do something that I could do at any time like botox or get in shape, instead I wanted to focus on what I would not be able to do after the age of 40. Pregnancy popped into my head. My husband and I didn’t want any more children, so I started researching how to be a surrogate. My husband thought it was just another one of my out-of-this-world ideas, but after sharing the story of the couple who tried for years to have a child, finally getting pregnant with twins, only to lose them at 22 weeks, one stillborn, the other dying in their arms, he came around. They transferred two embryos in January 2016, one didn’t survive, but the other did! On September 12, 2016, I delivered their child and the doctor handed them their beautiful baby girl. We still stay in touch, which is a blessing!

What is the best piece of advice you've been given?

I struggled with this one and then I asked my 9-year old daughter this question, curious if she would even understand it. Without skipping a beat she said “Always prepare for things ahead of you.” This advice now rings in my head as I set my intentions each and every day.

Program details: 

Global Card programs covering EMEA, APAC, U.S. and CanadaCorporate Card, P-Card, Virtual Payables, BTA

Annual transactions:

  • Virtual Payables and P-Card – ~25,000
  • Corporate Card  ~400,000

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