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eNetworking | Participation by Provider Members

As indicated within the Rules of Etiquette section on the eNetworking introductory page, provider members are encouraged to participate in a way that educates rather than promotes or endorses a particular product or service. By providing educational guidance, you demonstrate your expertise and represent your organization in a positive way. 

Inappropriate answers to end-user questions are those that lack education and/or focus on what your organization offers and/or point out what is lacking with other providers. Please refer to the examples below.

Provider-Initiated Questions/Discussions

While provider members also have the ability to submit a question to eNetworking, questions should not:

  • be submitted on behalf of a client. Doing so violates NAPCP terms of use. Please encourage your clients to become members to receive all of the associated benefits, including the ability to participate in eNetworking.
  • serve as a polling mechanism to support provider product or service development. We encourage you to review past NAPCP poll results, which might address areas of interest to you. If you have an idea for a future NAPCP poll that would interest a broad end-user audience, please contact us.

Submitted provider questions, like all new eNetworking question submissions, are reviewed by NAPCP staff and handled on a case-by-case basis.

Examples of Acceptable and Inappropriate Answers by Providers

Example 1

End-User Question: We currently have a Fleet Card program that allows fuel purchases only… Does anyone have a Fleet Card program that allows the purchase of vehicle parts, too? I would be interested in knowing how such a program works, if there is one.

Acceptable Provider Answer: In my experience of working for a Fleet Card provider, I’ve found that such programs vary; some allow fuel only and some allow purchases related to vehicle repair/maintenance. How do you pay for vehicle repairs and related purchases today? Moving these expenses to a Fleet Card might be a good option to improve efficiencies… Your organization should first consider…

Inappropriate Provider Answer: My organization is the leader in Fleet Card programs because we offer "x, y, z" that other providers do not… Please contact me and I’ll describe how we can help your organization with this situation.

Example 2

End-User Question: My organization is still manually entering P-Card data into our finance system, so we’d like to create an interface file to eliminate the data entry. Does anyone have experience integrating into Lawson?

Acceptable Provider Answer: The first steps when embarking on any integration project include determining the best place in which to integrate the P-Card data. For example, do you want to integrate into the A/P system or general ledger? There are pros and cons to each, such as… Work with your internal Lawson subject-matter expert and other stakeholders on the integration requirements…

Inappropriate Provider Answer: Your card provider should have addressed this with you before you implemented the program. We always work with clients in advance of implementation to develop and test an appropriate interface file…

Inappropriate Provider Answer: I suggest skipping this project altogether. You should instead pursue a third-party system that would take care of your integration needs. My organization offers the latest technology in this area…

Example 3

End-User Question: Some of our key suppliers are reluctant to convert to card payments. Does anyone have any effective strategies for this challenge?

Acceptable Provider Answer: It helps if you and/or your colleagues first have a good grasp on the benefits, so you can educate your suppliers. For example… Ensure that your card procure-to-pay process provides benefits to the suppliers, so it is a win-win situation…

Inappropriate Provider Answer: My organization has a team to help clients like you covert suppliers to card payments. We contact suppliers on clients’ behalf to minimize clients’ time and efforts…

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